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Friend requests (11)

Quote | 8 years ago

i have discovered a problem with friend requests.

because i have 10 dogs everytime another dog wants to beome a buddy with all my mine girls i have 10 seperate requests to go through.

i have 3 dogs who want to be buddies with all my girls and that is 30 seperate requests i have to accept.

it takes me ages because when i press accept i have to wait for it to load before i can click the next one.

on the old UD if a dog wanted to become a buddy with all my girls i'd just click once and it would accept for all of them, without me having to click 10 times.

is this something that admin are working on?

accepting buddies is becoming labourious now and that is not how it should be!

Quote | 8 years ago

If you click on show requests and then press Uniteddogs or home it makes the list come up faster I'm not sure if this will help in any way but I hope it does. By the way congratulations on getting a car of your own Its a lovely one too

Quote | 8 years ago

Ruby,seems admins finished their job about new UD!!!???

I also wrote about Friend request bad working,when i made profile of baby Eli,I spent an hour sending friend requests to Malas old friends,and half of them had to add baby Eli by themselves cause it dont work as it should! When did you see someone of admins online last time? I wonder if they finished their job! Where is My videos!!!


Quote | 8 years ago

I agree with you liliana. When is someone from Admin going to answer queries or rectify problems? I have been waiting for nearly a week for someone to fix the problem I wrote about.

Quote | 8 years ago

The only people who are active and helpful are the mod. especially monkeyhanger and jennywxy.I have now stop writing to Admin ( I did many times regarding problems) and had the feeling that they just throw my doggie mail into the dustbin.

Quote | 8 years ago

why are they messing around with stuff on facebook?

the ACTUAL site isn't finished yet?

Quote | 8 years ago

this is the same for me woofwoof. i have 11 dogs and whenever a dog adds all of my dogs it comes up with loads of separate requests. its really annoying. i liked it better on the old UD. it didn't take half as much time.

Quote | 8 years ago


I am sorry that you have been feeling like admins are not working anymore with the new site. However, it's not true. We have loads of problems to solve and they are not seen in the site often. I understand your problems - we have made some changes in the new buddy accepting system, but seems, that it's not still not satisfying. We will continue on working all these problems - we have many things in the list right now - so we really appreciate your concern and patience towards us, too.

We can consider a button "Accept all new invitations", this is a good idea!

I'm pleased you agree Marju, I had that idea about a year ago I think before you became active in admin, but it was rejected Let's hope they listen to you

Quote | 8 years ago

not forget that the admins are people too and we have a little patience with the UD web, you have to give them thanks for your time, I imagine there are hundreds of people registering at UD and that takes time


p.s sorry for my english

Quote | 8 years ago

'I'm just wondering when the "Accept All" button will be implemented for Friend Requests... I just logged in today and have another 140 requests... clicking "accept" for each of them, one-by-one, is going to take a long time


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