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Forum Happy Valentines! (10)

Happy Valentines! (10)

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Dear dog-lovers, we at UnitedDogs team would like to wish you very best for that lovely day! In Estonia, Valentines Day is called 'Friends Day'. So I wish you all, my dog friends, a beatuful Friends Day and many more beautiful days to come!

I uploaded a little surprise under the gifts section. Go look Just to make your day a bit sweeter!

Happy Valentines Day and Happy Friends Day Kristiina thanks so much for the extra special treat, very yummy

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uby , aly , tigre , many y johns

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' '

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Thanks for all the moments
we shared
moments full of feelings
and shared thoughts,
dreams and desires,
secrets, laughter and tears,
and above all, friendship.

Each precious second will be treasured
forever in my heart.

Thanks for taking the time
time to show your concern for me,
time to listen to my problems
and help find solutions,
and especially
time to smile and show affection.

Thank you for being what they are
some wonderful people.

I count on you
when I needed to trust
and advice.

Thanks to all my friends started
to know
and even to appreciate what I am.


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Happy valentines Day!!!

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Happy Valentine's day

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'Lya y Zambo ,muy enamorados ,celebrando el día de los enamorados que les a preparado Tia Mar !! Preciosa velada , muy romantica !! (LYA, Mastí­n Napolitano)'

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