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Forum Help with keeping the dog collar on pls! (2)

Help with keeping the dog collar on pls! (2)

Quote | 8 years ago

Would keeping the flat collar 24/7 on my "almost 3 months" German Shepherd puppies make the hair around their neck fall out or harm their skin??

Quote | 8 years ago

It depends... first off, I wouldn't leave the collars on for 24/7 (especially not for young GROWING puppies) because, if they aren't monitored carefully, after a while the collar can get too tight (as the puppy grows) and it can start to get embedded into the skin! When my dogs are in the house I take their collars off because it is safer (when they are playing, etc) so the collars don't get caught on something - the same goes for if I leave my dogs at home unattended (or if you use a kennel / crate). There are too many horror stories about dogs being accidentally hung / strangled when their collars got caught.

However, if the collar is comfortably snug (slightly loose) then it is ok to leave it on for most of the day without worrying that the hair will fall out. IF the collar was too tight and the dogs were chained up, for instance, then the hair would be more likely to fall out because they'd be constantly pulling / rubbing, which would create friction on the fur.

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