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Forum I desperately need a girl!!!! (3)

I desperately need a girl!!!! (3)

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I am a 7 year old labrador and lately have been really sad...because I can not find myself a girl...

Hope there is smby here that can help me with that?
We live in Croatia, my folks drive a car so I assume it would not be a problem for them to drive me anywhere (I just need to make my sad face )
If there is anyone interested please write to me...I would be more than happy to write back

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Oh poor Didi! I do hope that someone helps you find a girl, you are SUCH a handsome chap, you should be fighting the girls off! Do let us know if you find your true love Jx

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For breeding?
I presume you are purebred and have all your papers / pedigree in order?
And have entered shows (and won some titles)... to ensure that you meet the breed standard and are a good specimen for breeding.
Of course, health tests are vital too... not just for brucellosis, but also hip and elbow scoring (dysplasia test) as well as other health tests specific for labradors.
One thing though - at the age of 7 years, if a dog hasn't been bred before, there can be a low sperm count, so it might be worth checking for fertility first.
Usually it is the owner of the bitch who brings the female to the male, so there are no "performance" issues (the male is on home turf, so to speak). I once drove my bitch 16+ hours (to the Netherlands) to breed her with a stud dog (lol) - unfortunately the cytology smear test was off so we were there 5 days too early and it was a wasted trip. If the female can be blood tested for progesterone levels, then there is a much higher chance for a successful mating (and subsequent pregnancy) because then you get the timing right... I guess it's not so important if you breed with a local dog here in Croatia, but it's really important to get the timing right if you are paying a LOT of money and have to travel across Europe during a short window of opportunity. As far as I know, it's not possible to test for blood progesterone levels here in Croatia (my vet here in Zagreb told me that the blood has to be sent to Austria for testing) - which really sucks, because by the time you get the results (3 days later) it can be too late. When I was in the Netherlands, I got the test done and results back within the hour (lol). Anyway, you also have to think about stud fee (how much you will charge the owner of the female, to breed with your male) - usually the price of a puppy OR a puppy from that litter. Also, the terms of the breeding contract: how often you'll breed, over the course of several days, and what if they breed but the female doesn't get pregnant... will you offer a repeat breeding, etc. Anyway, these are just the basics. But it's definitely the best place to start.
There's really no point to breeding if you're not going to do it properly - millions of dogs are murdered in shelters each year because of the overpopulation issue... heck, I know someone here in Zagreb who had a purebred litter of 11 Golden Retriever puppies: champion parents, quality bloodline, complete pedigree, full health tests, etc... and in the end they had to keep 3 puppies because they couldn't even GIVE them away. Anyway, as the stud dog owner, that's not really your problem - that's the problem of the bitch's owner... you would hope that they already have a waiting list of people who definitely want a puppy... but you'd be surprised how irresponsible some people are when it comes to breeding!

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