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Forum broken leg? dislocated joint? (12)

broken leg? dislocated joint? (12)

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I have 6 siberian huskies & 1 german sheperd.

This is about one of my huskies, she is 2 years old, active happy little girl, a bit thin though cause she has been very picky on food. We are working in the day so the dogs are left at home in the day.

Last 2 weeks, when we came back from work, we found that this little girl was limping on her right hind leg. We thought she had a fight with the alpha female age of 4 & had injured herself. But it was very unlikely that she would pick up a fight with the alpha. & we had checked through her legs & body, no bite marks. At that time, her hind leg was like bending outwards and she was moving around with the other 3 legs. Because we got back home late that night, all the vet were closed so we brought her to the vet the next evening.

The vet couldn't really sure whether it was a broken bone or just a dislocated joint. We were advised to give her some pain killer & some supplement for the joint and observed her for a few days, then we could decide whether to send her to an X-ray (the vet didn't have the X-ray facility & X-ray for pets are not common here I guess).

We gave her the medicines for a week & the leg didn't seem to get better, and she would suddenly cry of pain even though she was laying down in the corner alone. So we decided to send her to an X-ray last saturday (We had no choice to drag till Saturday because the hospital that offered X-ray services closed at 6pm on weekdays, & by the time we got home from work we couldn't manage to rush to the hospital on time). Then, by last Friday night when we got home, she was miracally walking & jumping on all 4 to greet us home! So we thought she finally healed by herself & we canceled the X-ray appointment.

Then, late at night in Saturday, she started to limp again, although not as bad as before where the leg was seemed bending outwards, and she was walking a few steps on 4, then hopped a few steps on 3. Her hind legs seemed like couldn't carry her body weight when she stands.

Does anyone have encountered this before? Really need some advices.


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You should really have the x-ray done, so that you can be sure what the problem is. I could be a sprain, which was getting better, but then she damaged it again. If you leave injuries like this untreated, they can have long term consequences.

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I agree, You should get the X-ray done, Just to see what the problem Is, Like Oldwoman said

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Dogs can't talk and so when something goes wrong, they depend on us to make it right - you can't guess about things like this - you need to get it X-Rayed. Hope it is good news but the sooner you know, the sooner you can put her on the road to recovery

S W 
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Best get it x-rayed if your vet is not sure. Taffy had an injury recently. He was running around and suddenly started screeching in pain. We thought it was his front right paw as he was holding it out but we couldnt see any injury. Turned out it was his right shoulder. Luckily we had immediately used a cold pack on the whole right area. But he still had to rest 2 weeks.

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I brouhgt her for an X-ray last saturday, but the vet there insisted not to X-ray on her but to take the blood test. I didn't want the blood test I just wanted to see what's wrong with her with the X-ray but I gave in since the vet said he had more than 25 years of experiences. The blood test itself is already not cheap. He said if the blood test came out no results then only we go for an X-ray, which is another cost. He promised to call me to let me know the results in a few hours time, but now 2 days has passed & I have yet to hear from him...

I felt cheated...

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It is difficult if you don't trust your vet. Why don't you phone him and get the result.

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I was busy with something else for the past few days. I will be seeing him later

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whaaaaat??? The vet insisted to run blood tests first, then an x-ray??? i would think with the vet having such years of experience he would know to do the non-invasive tests first. and the complaint is limping, what could be his reason NOT to have an x-ray done??? yes, blood tests for pets are not cheap! They cost as much as or more than blood tests for people! have you considered getting a second opinion? the vet said you will have a result in a few hours and now a few days have passed, i don't think he is prioritizing his clients very well if that was my vet i would've made a scene by now (but that's just me, raaaawr! )

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ok, got the results yesterday, the blood test was fine. Nothing wrong with my dog.

What happened at the vet was, I showed him how my dog walked, then he said: "oh, almost certain to be a hyperparathyroidism, lack of protein in blood due to the dog's diet" asked me what do I feed her. I said meat, he said: "that's the problem, by eating meat the dog is lack of protein..." bla bla bla. I said I went to another vet before him, & the vet asked me to go for X-ray, he even challenged the vet's professionalism. Then he said he had been in the field for 25 years, this & that, & I should listen to him. Then he said might be changes of hip dysplasia. I said no. He challenged me again how sure was I. I said because I am breeding the whole family I know the health status from the grandparents to this particular dog. I said I just wanted an X-ray to see whether it was a broken leg or dislocated joint so we can fix it, yet he didn't wanna approve, he insisted on blood test. After the blood test, he said we talk again whether to X-ray or not. WTF??!!

Ok, I went back to check on the internet, the diagnosis he gave, from the internet, the symtoms "can be seen in the X-ray"!!! Means I didn't even have to go for blood test, if my dog was really suffering from hyperparathyroidism, the X-ray would show. That's why I felt cheated for my money by "forcing" me to take blood test if not he wouldn't give me an X-ray done.

OK, I went yesterday, this vet was not there, another vet gave me the result. Then I asked: "aren't you going to explain to me what the results were?" Then she said everything was fine.... I was glad my dog's health was fine but also was upset because they seemed like extorting my money to "force" me to take blood test. I told that particular vet that my dog's family health background was fine & he challenged my knowledge in keeping dogs & the another vet's professionalism. Maybe because he gave the wrong diagnosis, that's why he didn't dare to call me to tell me the results as he promised.

I paid almost RM300 (USD100) for the bloodtest (which was very unnecessary), now have to pay for another RM300 (USD100) for X-ray, if not my dog would keep on limping.

I didn't have 25 years of experience in keeping dogs, I only have 5 years, by keeping 7 dogs at the same time. By having 25 years of experience didn't mean that you can challenge my knowledge & other vet's professionalism. For those who wanted to know who this vet is, can PM me.

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Another thing I missed out. The point that I insisted on an X-ray but not blood test was, my dog have been limping for 2 weeks, their X-ray department closes at 6pm on weekdays, I have no choice but to take my dog there only on Saturdays (cause Sundays are holidays for mr professional vet). I said I didn't wanna wait any longer for the X-ray to be done, it may damage my dog more, he can even said: "you have waited for 2 weeks, why not another week more?" I said: "because the vet before that said it was best to be done in 3 days time, now it was already 2 weeks! I have to wait another week??!!" He said there was no harm for waiting for another week....


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Got my dog to another vet for the X-ray. She was having a dislocated joint.

The vet said it is nearly impossible to relocate the joint because almost a month has passed. Thanks to the previous vet who has 25 years experience and thus insisted for the bloodtest & said there was no harm to wait another week for the X ray....

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