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Forum Dog Ear Infections and Dog Ear Treatment (2)

Dog Ear Infections and Dog Ear Treatment (2)

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| 6 years ago

Just wanted to say that my dog has had problems with his ears for a long time.
We visited numerous vets and they tried every allergy pill, changed food and antibiotics. Every few weeks the infection came back again. This went on for so long I can't even tell you but it wasn't months...it was years!
In fact, my dog can't hear anymore and the vet said that some of the ear medicines we'd used over the years combined with the ear infections coming back again and again were the cause. I was in disbelief to hear that the medicines I trusted had helped to cause hearing loss in my dog and was very sick about such thing. How can they make ear medicines that actually cause hearing loss for the dogs? Something very wrong about that.
I looked for another way to care for the dogs ear infections and decided to try a natural dog ear treatment to stay away from chemicals in the dogs ears. Tried quite a few things and still ended up at the vet's office as they didn't work. When I was about to give up a friend told me about another natural treatment called Dr Dogs Ear Oil. I decided to give it a try because I was desperate to control the dog ear infection and to get this done. Low and behold, it actually works and we no longer have to fight with ear problems.
Just thought i would mention it as I am so sick that my dog can't hear, the only thing making me sicker is to know it was from the prescription medicines for dogs ears.
Don't let it happen to your dog, if they suffer, go natural and keep the ears safe. It's not that fun since the dog can't hear anymore. He's happy but we miss his reaction to sounds. Very sad everyday.
Take care of your dogs ears, untreated infections can lead to hearing loss and medicines made to treat them can too. Do like me, go natural and do it right from the first time so you won't have to feel like we do. Dog ear treatment is needed for ear infections and ear mites too as they also can cause big damage, you probably already know that but just in case it can help one dog and their owner then it's worth mentioning. Having a dog that can't hear and knowing it's caused because of trusting the meds is sickening!
Sorry if this is long but what happened to us is just so wrong!
STOP THIS medicine makers, why would you make medicine that makes the dog deaf?

| 6 years ago

Once again I'm closing this thread, as it once again has the links to the oil which you keep mentioning.

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