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Forum Regular tennis balls not good for your dog..... (11)

Regular tennis balls not good for your dog..... (11)

I saw a comment by a dog trainer on tv a little while ago and he said regular tennis balls are not good for dogs teeth. So, I decided to do some investigation since I know some friends + other users have them for their dogs.

It turns out they are not good. The type of felt & wool on them is very abrasive to dogs teeth and when you factor in them getting dirt and sand embedded in them, it makes them even more abrasive. The balls and toys made specifically for dogs such as the Kong brand are recommended, they don't have as long of a material, but make sure to wash out the sand and dirt once in a while since it can still cause some abrasion if dogs are chewing on them.

And, if your dog has a latex allergy don't use the tennis balls either since most of them have that as an ingredient.......

Just something to consider.........

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Interesting I wouldn't stop my dogs playing with tennis balls because of this though as i personally haven't seen any harm done and the dogs love it- well not spice... she just loves chasing ash when he runs after the ball But hey ho As you know i do agility and lots of people use tennis balls as rewards there as some dogs are just obsessed with tennis balls! You also find a lot of dog toys that have tennis balls in (like a tennis ball on a rope) and dogs love them too So i think as long as your not OTT with the ball throwing (More to do with tiring them out too much, pulling muscles etc etc) then personally i think they fine But still interesting Shell

One of the studies I read said that a lot of dogs that do flyball actually have problems with their teeth. And, like I said, the toys and balls made specifically for dogs don't have as an abrasive material as the real tennis balls meant for tennis Nice to see you here Sian I think as long as your dog doesn't sit there and constantly chew on them, and you wash them once in a while to get the sand/grit out, then it's probably fine

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Dogs aren't allowed to have them willy nilly They get them when they work or when i only have time for a short walk in the morning I know not been on i ages, but i am so busy now-a-days and lifes just CRAZY!

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I dont use tennis ball as we are used to full rubber balls that cant be rip in peaces or swallow,but I just take a closer look to hubbies tennis ball,and it really is very abrasive (I had very unpleasant feeling imaging it touching my teeth )! I believe I would also give tennis ball to dog if I miss their regular ball,but after this...no thanks

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Mocha used to be tennis ball obsessive.. but she prefers the rubber chuck it balls because they're easier to chomp on, they go further and bounce more.. Mocha's a picky dog and knows what she likes haha..

funny that you say because i am actually going to start Flyball with Mocha sometime this summer. although i don't know what abrasive? means ... could you explain Shelly? .. and thanks for the post.. i will tell the trainers that when i start

Abrasive means that it would wear down the enamel on the teeth. If they are using them for flyball and just carrying them, it might not do too much or it might just wear in one spot where they hold it in their mouth. But, as I said it's way worse if you let your dogs chew on them all the time and it would really wear down their teeth especially if they have sandy dirt in them......

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that's so strange.. never heard of that before but thanks for the info.. very helpful for the future! We do have a couple of soft felt tennis balls, i wonder if there's a difference... i think it's mostly the newer tennis balls (as in fresh out the package) we should worry the most.. i think using them in the water a lot kind of helps soften it?.. who knows !

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why?! why?! my dog grew up destroying all off my tennis balls and she enjoys a lot!

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I have three labs and they love their tennis balls. I would actually prefer them to chew and destroy the tennis balls over the hard rubber kongs or other dog toys that contain the fluff and other inards. Is there a certain dog friendly type of tennis ball does anyone know that makes for a better chew toy?

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If you read through all of the info I gave, then you would see that I stated the ones that aren't good for dogs are the regular tennis balls (for humans playing tennis) and I gave all the reasons. When I suggested the Kong type brand are better, that means the Kong tennis balls which come round and also in different shapes. They are yellow and look like tennis ball material, but are made especially for dogs You can find those at pet stores and other stores like Walmart usually.

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