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Tengo 5 perros y 6 Gatos. Vengo de Croacia  . Soy Mujer y uso el nombre de usuario Sylvaen. He sido miembro desde agosto 10, 2009. Tiempo de visita: hace más de 3 meses

...Y para que me conozcan un poco más

My name is Debby and I’m British. I was born in the Netherlands and I’ve lived in Calgary (Canada), New Orleans (the one and only), Jersey (Channel Isles), Houston (Texas), Den Haag (Holland), and now I currently live in Zagreb (Croatia). That's the expat life for ya!

We currently own 5 rescue cats (Leo, Libra, Pi, Sola, and Sylvester) and 4 Tamaskan Dogs (Vega, Zora, Nissa, and Misty). I am a TDR Registered Tamaskan Breeder (Sylvaen) and an Admin for the International Tamaskan Forum. I am also a member of the TDR Committee of Breeders (CoB). www.sylvaen.com

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