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It depends... first off, I wouldn't leave the collars on for 24/7 (especially not for young GROWING puppies) because, if they aren't monitored carefully, after a while the collar can get too tight (as the puppy grows) and it can start to get embedded into the skin! When my dogs are in the house I take their collars off because it is safer (when they are playing, etc) so the collars don't get caught on something - the same goes for if I leave my dogs at home unattended (or if you use a kennel / crate). There are too many horror stories about dogs being accidentally hung / strangled when their collars got caught.

However, if the collar is comfortably snug (slightly loose) then it is ok to leave it on for most of the day without worrying that the hair will fall out. IF the collar was too tight and the dogs were chained up, for instance, then the hair would be more likely to fall out because they'd be constantly pulling / rubbing, which would create friction on the fur.

I signed too!
We'll also be going on the protest walk (with Jasper and Vixen) on the 15th of January!

For breeding?
I presume you are purebred and have all your papers / pedigree in order?
And have entered shows (and won some titles)... to ensure that you meet the breed standard and are a good specimen for breeding.
Of course, health tests are vital too... not just for brucellosis, but also hip and elbow scoring (dysplasia test) as well as other health tests specific for labradors.
One thing though - at the age of 7 years, if a dog hasn't been bred before, there can be a low sperm count, so it might be worth checking for fertility first.
Usually it is the owner of the bitch who brings the female to the male, so there are no "performance" issues (the male is on home turf, so to speak). I once drove my bitch 16+ hours (to the Netherlands) to breed her with a stud dog (lol) - unfortunately the cytology smear test was off so we were there 5 days too early and it was a wasted trip. If the female can be blood tested for progesterone levels, then there is a much higher chance for a successful mating (and subsequent pregnancy) because then you get the timing right... I guess it's not so important if you breed with a local dog here in Croatia, but it's really important to get the timing right if you are paying a LOT of money and have to travel across Europe during a short window of opportunity. As far as I know, it's not possible to test for blood progesterone levels here in Croatia (my vet here in Zagreb told me that the blood has to be sent to Austria for testing) - which really sucks, because by the time you get the results (3 days later) it can be too late. When I was in the Netherlands, I got the test done and results back within the hour (lol). Anyway, you also have to think about stud fee (how much you will charge the owner of the female, to breed with your male) - usually the price of a puppy OR a puppy from that litter. Also, the terms of the breeding contract: how often you'll breed, over the course of several days, and what if they breed but the female doesn't get pregnant... will you offer a repeat breeding, etc. Anyway, these are just the basics. But it's definitely the best place to start.
There's really no point to breeding if you're not going to do it properly - millions of dogs are murdered in shelters each year because of the overpopulation issue... heck, I know someone here in Zagreb who had a purebred litter of 11 Golden Retriever puppies: champion parents, quality bloodline, complete pedigree, full health tests, etc... and in the end they had to keep 3 puppies because they couldn't even GIVE them away. Anyway, as the stud dog owner, that's not really your problem - that's the problem of the bitch's owner... you would hope that they already have a waiting list of people who definitely want a puppy... but you'd be surprised how irresponsible some people are when it comes to breeding!

Sorry to hear that your dog died of Parvo... that's why puppy vaccinations are SO important!

great video... poor dog probably got dumped by the freeway, that's why he stayed around that area, hoping his original owner would show up again. so sad... but at least the story has a happy ending

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'I'm just wondering when the "Accept All" button will be implemented for Friend Requests... I just logged in today and have another 140 requests... clicking "accept" for each of them, one-by-one, is going to take a long time


No problem.
As ever, education is the key... some people are just stubborn and THINK they know best. As she is a midwife, she probably thinks that dogs can handle the whole pregnancy / birthing process without any additional input / help from humans, but this is not necessarily the case. To be a successful breeder, you have to do things properly - after all, you are responsible for the lives you bring into this world! So it's quite important to be involved with the whole process and to give proper care throughout, for both the mother and her pups. And the future puppy owners will appreciate it too - healthy, well-socialized pups that have been given the best possible start to life.

I'm really sorry to hear this... it sounds like an extremely irresponsible approach to breeding. Has she even started looking for homes for the puppies? What about the necessary worming schedule / vitamins that are required during pregnancy? What about a whelping box / heat lamp / puppy pads / all the other equipment? What if the female requires a cesarean? I presume she has a vet? But from the sounds of things she probably hasn't gone for an ultrasound yet... it's not totally necessary but can give a good idea of how many pups to expect. The pups (and lactating mother) will require 4-5x the regular amount of food - of course, the mother should be eating puppy food already to give her the higher protein level that she requires... but maybe your neighbor doesn't know that either.

Of course, pups will require a regular de-worming schedule (starting at the age of 2 weeks) because 99% of pups are born with worms and, if they aren't properly de-wormed, a heavy parasitic infestation can cause SERIOUS health problems, including blindness, etc. And then, at 8 weeks, just before the pups go to their new homes, they will need their first set of vaccinations to protect against deadly diseases (such as parvo, etc). I presume both the Bichon and the Maltese have pedigrees? It shouldn't be too hard to find homes for the pups... even if they are crossbred mutts, provided the parents have good bloodlines. I guess they haven't undergone any health testing, which is a bit ridiculous but hopefully they will be clear of genetic diseases that are common to their respective breeds. The important thing is that she starts looking for good homes for the puppies ASAP - If she leaves it until the last minute they will probably just end up at the animal shelter and euthanized.


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*sigh* if legal justice isn't served, vigilante justice will step in... is this really way to go? Not even a fine??

Glad you liked it.

I already posted this the other day on the UnitedCats Forum... but figured I'd share it here too, since it's about a dog AND a cat.



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The craziest thing about this whole "Fake Profile" business is that, if the Admins were more active, it would be VERY easy to tell exactly WHO has Fake/Multiple Accounts, just by looking at the IP Addresses. If one IP Address is logging in with many different accounts, or if one account is shared by more than one IP Address... this is the quickest and easiest, most concrete way to identify Fake Accounts. Yet the situation we have here at the moment relies purely on guesswork, which isn't always straightforward (though some Fake Accounts are easier to spot than others) we can never know 100% unless we can see IP Addresses, which is impossible for anyone but the Admins. So this whole scenario is really frustrating and only serves to undermine the relationships between existing users.

I can't help but think that one ulterior motive for these Trolls with multiple accounts (aside from making themselves feel important by creating false identities) could be to break apart the community spirit here. Perhaps they are working for competing websites? They see UD is going through a rough patch right now, and have all latched on... like leeches. So *if* UD were to fail, due to bickering and arguing, everyone leaving, accusations and rudeness flying back and forth, etc... then many of those former UD users would move on to their sites instead. It's a cynical way to think, and I hope I'm wrong... but business is business. (And I just watched The Godfather... maybe that has something to do with the way I'm currently thinking... LOL!!)

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The funny thing is... I was asking a question about Fake Profiles not too long ago, in this topic:

It seemed that several people were hinting that one new user actually had multiple accounts with different, yet similar, fake identities. So, when I asked an innocent question: "reading between the lines, it seems that it is being implied that this person has another account - is this correct?" (someone has since deleted my post so I can't remember the exact wording) but I got this horrible reply saying that I was accusing people:

"you need to stop accusing people for nothing or say unnecessary comments.. it's just.. well, not necessary.. and Sylvean why would you even accuse her of being another user.. just because she wants the dogs Jasmin has, and have same interests doesn't mean it's the same person.. believe me, user dogz and i have a lot in common and have many same interests and likes and dislikes.. but no one has accused us of being the same people.. come on.. seriously?"

And still no apology, even though the person who said this mean comment is now doing the same thing herself - asking questions about Fake Accounts! This is the reason I try to avoid UD these days. It's just not the same as it used to be... just a bunch of nasty people all being hurtful to one another in any way possible, not fully reading each forum post before they jump to conclusions and respond with a hasty, yet malicious reply.

Well spotted Spinfan! This looks like a spam / advertising post to me!

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