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Foorumi Valentines Day gifts are here! (3)

Valentines Day gifts are here! (3)

Lainaus | 5 vuotta takaisin

Hello every one,

Valentines Day gifts have arrived in the gift store.

Regular membership there's a new "Be my Valentine" heart, although it's 150 points....sorry, but I think that's way too expensive. But, there's a few from previous years....the chocolate heart is 0 points (FREE) and the little basket is only 1 point

Champion membership has a new chocolate cupcake and a chocolate dipped strawberry and they're 100 points each. And there's also some gifts from previous years...

Have fun sending love to all your buddies and have a Happy Valentines Day xoxo

Lainaus | 5 vuotta takaisin

Wow that is pricy??? But I love the others

Lainaus | 5 vuotta takaisin

but my molly is worth it samuel

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