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Forum Dog Stolen with Car in UK (3)

Dog Stolen with Car in UK (3)

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From Val: I must stress that this is a message I found on a British Agility Forum. My dogs are well and at home with me. This is a cross posting. I will keep you updated as long as the other forum supplies the information. A link to his poster is at the bottom of this message.

"On my return from LKA Championship Show with my dog Tyson Sh Ch Tonkory
Guiness I stopped at a service station just off the M1 at J13. Whilst I
was in service station a white youth jumped into my car a Blue Vauxhall
Vectra Estate. Seeing him I ran out, tried to smash driver window and
then managed to open rear passenger door but as I did so he started the
car and sped away towards the M1. In the rear was my and Judith´s B/W
dog Tyson.
Police are searching but the service station was just a mile from the
M1 and the driver could have gone in either direction. There was approx
150 miles of fuel in car. Please keep alert incase you see my car or

Have been advised to also add car registration details: Registration
KJ55 XFZ, Dark Blue Vauxhall Vectra Estate. Last seen J13 of M1 close
to Milton Keynes.

Police asked me if thief wore gloves, when I replied no they said be
prepared for worst as they will normally torch the car to hide their
prints. I cant say I believe in God, but prey this person has compassion for
the dog. Personal possesions and the car are irrelevant."

A Link to Tyson´s Dog Lost Poster

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I do hope the dog is not harmed. All I can do here in the Philippines is pray that the dog is safe and would be found soon. Keep us updated ValC.

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UK members who live in the Watford area. The stolen car is believed to have been in the Watford area. Please, please, check out the poster of Tyson and if you see this dog or are even offered this dog contact the police straight away or email me here so I can get word to the owner. It would be great if you could also phone your local rescue centres in that area to see if he has been dropped off.