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Great Dinner

Boy did I has a great dinner tonight. I gots my very own plate at the table tonight. I had Crockpot Pork and Sauerkraut, A little bit of Baked tater with butter, and for dessert I had something new....Fresh Strawberries....

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Thank you my Friends

Hello my dear Friends My royal week in Holland now comes to an end. The week was amazing, fun and interesting. Thank you very much to all my friends for their beautiful gifts, photos, greetings and wishes. I am a happy King...

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Pappy And Grammy Left Me.

Yesterday My Pappy and Grammy left me all alone in my crate. They went food shopping. Usually Mewomy is home to babysit me, but she had to go to work. I was left all alone with the cats. Well I...

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Labai ačiū

Souvenir gifts from my reign in Lithuania

Friends I won from Aunt Carmen (blue20) some beautiful souvenir gifts from my reign in Lithuania. I hope you like it! I loved it! Thank you Aunt Carmen! Love, Paco.

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About Baltic amber

Baltic amber is an organic fossil resin formed about 30 to 50 million years ago by pines (pinus succinites), now extinct, from the region of Scandinavia. Due to an increase in ambient temperature at that time, these pine trees began...

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Geographical features of Lithuania

The Lithuanian coastline is only 100 km away, with Klaipeda being the main port of the country. There are over 2800 lakes and ponds in Lithuania. It is a mostly flat country, with its highest altitudes reaching only 300 m....

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Lithuania: The Land of Storks

Known as the land of the storks, every year Lithuania receives 15,000 couples of the white birds that bring the young to see them grow in the peace and beauty of an area of 65 000 km2. If we were...

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I´m the Lithuanian King this week

Hello friends and aunts! I am the King of Lithuania this week (Mar 18-24, 2019) I invite you to celebrate my reign. The link to my party is this: Love, Paco (the big King) X X

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Good morning to you all. Hopes you all has a Happy St. Patrick's Day. Today is also my 1st birthday. So we gonna has a party here. Come enjoy Doggie Cake, Ice Cream, and party with me.

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