Clubs are fun and entertaining communities on Uniteddogs that allow dog-owners with similar interests to get together.


  • Problems and fixes (15)

    This is a club for reporting problems on the page and getting feedback about things that are getting done! Please report issues under Discussions and keep the wall for me to...
  • Ujedinjeni psi Srbije (united dogs of Serbia) (9)

    Ovo je klub za sve pse iz Srbije.
  • Testing

  • Test club (6)

    this is for testing purpose only
  • Swet faces (49)

    our dogs are beautifull. our dogs have beautiful eyes, beautiful hair, beautiful legs, a snout and a happy tail.They are kind, polite, never leave us alone.This club is for they, these beautiful creatures with...
  • Fly ball dogs United (7)

    A club for people who's dogs are in Flyball an intense relay sport set of hurdles and a box and two teams of dogs!! all dogs of shapes and seizes are always...
  • Dog Drawings and Paintings (59)

    I believe that everyone can draw and paint - even if they're not so talented in that! This club is not only for people who can draw and paint dogs, everyone can...
  • Variety club (39)

    In this club we do a variety of stuff like games, compitions,stories and lots more.
  • Uniteddogs of Latvia (5)

    Hello everyone! If you are from Latvia - welcome! _____________________________________ Sveiki visiem! Ja tu esi no Latvijas - pievienojies!
  • The Happy Police! (23)

    The Happy Police patrol UD to look for unhappy people and turn your frown, upside-down!! no one is allowed to be unhappy in this club. if you are feeling down, just come on...
  • Guess the Breed! - weekly competitions! (139)

    ok, there are so many dog breeds and lots are very well known. but do you know the facts? in this club i will post a fact about a certain dog breed...
  • Great Photo Snap! (59)

    This club is just for fun.This isnt so special thou but it is fun! Take the best photo you have ever taken! This club is not only for dogs and cats but also...