Clubs are fun and entertaining communities on Uniteddogs that allow dog-owners with similar interests to get together.


  • Paws 'N Pals (84)

    WELCOME! Our goal here at PNP is to become a place to meet new furs/people and catch up with old. Our community will have a little bit of everything: Discussions,...
  • Donna's doggy fun club (83)

    We will have discussions, competitions, picture competitions, and I hope we will be active! If you like our club, and you see that I am not active send me a mail and...
  • Halloween Hounds! (82)

    this is the club where i will hold my Halloween party!!! there will be a best costume competition on the day of the party, and a Halloween quiz! please come along and have...
  • The Fun Club (127)

    Time to have some fun at The Fun Club! Contests, parties,and more. You can share everything that you want here, just remember to have some fun!! You'll feel 100% happy
  • Dogs of Youtube! (35)

    Do you love to make videos of your canine companions? Whether it be a day out at the park, in the house, out and about or at a show, we want to...
  • dogs and cats loving each others (68)

    If owner of both ,cat and dog,and have some nice photos or stories about them loving each other,feel free to join!Also,if owner of dog or cat only,and your dog is friendly to...
  • Poems for dog lovers

  • Uniteddogs of Romania (54)

    The club will unite all the member from Romania
  • club mambo (97)

    a drinking establishment just like an old fashioned English pub for all duds call in for a drink and a chat all are welcome a place where the cool guys hang out...
  • Funny Stories (43)

    this is a club where people can share their funny stories about their dogs antics.
  • Follow me on Twitter (33)

    Does your dog have a profile on Twitter? Does your dog "tweet"? Then this club is for you!
  • The EVERYTHING club (64)

    Here you can post things about yourselves your dogs etc, sign the The BIG dog birthday book and join in in everything