Clubs are fun and entertaining communities on Uniteddogs that allow dog-owners with similar interests to get together.


  • UDC Bug Hunters (1)

    This is a Club for Hunting UDS Bugs
  • Uniteddogs: Dogs 101 (56)

    This club is to learn more about different breeds of dogs, discuss dog TV programs, dogs in the movies, dogs in books, kennel club dog shows, dog trainers, etc.X Everyone who...

    when your dog gets cancer it feels like the whole world is crashing down around you. you feel lost and alone, in desperate need of help and information. this is how i felt when my...
  • Ice cream Lovers (29)

    If you LOVE ice cream then this is the club for you!
  • Dogs of Ontario United (18)

    Do you and your dog live in Ontario?, If not do you like the Ontario Province of Canada?.. well if you do, you can join here! Everyone here is friendly, so please come...
  • Doggie Dilemmas (18)

    This is a club where people can share little things that their dogs maybe need to improve on like training and other dog owners can share their advice with them...
  • Stylish (29)

    In this club you can find alternative styles (skins) UDC. Styles are kept on , where they are shared for free. There are many styles not only for UDC, but also...
  • Other furry friends (66)

    Since there´s no unitedbirds or unitedbunnies etc. and there´s so many wonderful pets that I´d like to show u and also would like to see yours, I created this club so we...
  • Pampered Pooches (31)

    "Pampered Pooches" is a club for all pooches living a luxurious life or just very spoiled rotten
  • Second Chance Babies!! (31)

    This is a club for those dogs that have had a hard life but have been given a second chance for a better one!! Anyone that supports these Second Chance Babies please...
  • Bellas of Uniteddogs (3)

    All dogs named Bella can join this club.And only dogs named Bella.
  • Uniteddogs of Hungary (29)

    A club for all dogs and dogowners from Hungary.