Clubs are fun and entertaining communities on Uniteddogs that allow dog-owners with similar interests to get together.


  • Paws 'N Pals (81)

    WELCOME! Our goal here at PNP is to become a place to meet new furs/people and catch up with old. Our community will have a little bit of everything: Discussions,...
  • UDC Bug Hunters (1)

    This is a Club for Hunting UDS Bugs
  • Happy paws

    Just for fun!
  • Problems and fixes (16)

    This is a club for reporting problems on the page and getting feedback about things that are getting done! Please report issues under Discussions and keep the wall for me to...
  • Uniteddogs: Dogs 101 (55)

    This club is to learn more about different breeds of dogs, discuss dog TV programs, dogs in the movies, dogs in books, kennel club dog shows, dog trainers, etc.X Everyone who...
  • Ujedinjeni psi Srbije (united dogs of Serbia) (9)

    Ovo je klub za sve pse iz Srbije.
  • Testing

  • Pics of the week (96)

    New competitions are every 2 weeks. Put the picture on the chosen theme. We hope you'll have a great time in this club. If you like our club ask your friends to...
  • Test club (6)

    this is for testing purpose only
  • Maltezer tjedna (4)

    U ovom klubu možete stavljati slike svojih maltezera a ponekad će biti otvoreno i koje natjecanje za neke druge pse....Glasanja su otvorena subotom i nedjeljom.Nagrade za prvo mjesto: pomažene sve slike i virtualni dar. Drugo...