Clubs are fun and entertaining communities on Uniteddogs that allow dog-owners with similar interests to get together.


  • Uniteddogs fans (3743)

    Hey you all fans, let´s join Do you find a cool place to hang around? Welcome to the club!
  • We love our dogs (1433)

    Custom Glitter TextHello and welcome to we love our dogs club. We encourage you to join and show the world how much we all love our dogs. They are our special little companions...
  • Photoshop-club (1324)

    This is a club for people who enjoy photoshopping. Lets make a place where we can put up the pictures and share tips and tricks
  • Puppy Love Club (1304)

    Woof! You and I together as always! We can share something about our four paws BFF, how much we love them and we can also share the moment they think they are...
  • Rainbow Dogs (1264)

    . This is a place where we honor our sweet canine angels
  • STOP Animal Abuse Animal Testings (1254)

    Help me in trying to stop animal abuse and animal testing. It really makes me angry when people test things on animals. If they have so much money from being a scientist,...
  • Spoiled doggies (1187)

    A club for all the spoiled doggies and puppies who do what they want and no one can stop them
  • Stop Animal Abuse (1045)

    Stopping animal abuse, it happens everday. Report it if you see it happening. Any language is allowed.
  • Mixed Breeds And Mutts (1017)

    A club for meeting other lovers of mixed breeds and mutts!
  • United adopted dogs (1009)

    For adopted dogs and their owners. Also, for people who may be interested in adopting a dog and wants to ask questions.
  • Best friends FOREVER!!!! (992)

    This is club for all dog freaks, fans and lovers dedicate to dogs, our best friends ever and forever
  • The Intelligent Dogs Club (803)

    A club for intelligent dogs and their owners.