Dog breeds
General Description

This is the smallest breed in the whole world! People are mostly considering that they are companion dogs, you just put them in the bag and they can go like that to the end of the world. 

They come from Mexico. Some of them use them for hunting mice, because they are fast, flexible and loyal. When they catch a mouse, they return it to owner, instead of cats, which go and hide when they catch something.

  • Active
  • Friendly
  • Playful
  • Independent
  • Calm
Living Conditions

Chihuahua is really small breed, they grow to 15-20 cm. They can weight 900 grams to 3 kg. Some of them can live up to 20 years!

They can be found in many shapes and colors. Some of them can have ''apple head'', but some of them ''deer head''. Some can be short and stubby, some can be tall and skinny. Ears are very soft and they can stay up. Eyes are larger than average, like the brains. They have soft part of head in front. Nails should be cut often. 

Suitable for

This breed is for every person that can give them many attention. If they are often home alone, they can be bored so they may become aggressive. There starts problematic behavior and barking. 

If they learn to be good, they will be great even for older people. 

They are good to other dogs and mostly cats. 

They shouldn't be in family where is little child because they think dog is a toy.


Chihuahua is very loyal to his owner, so they can be seen on the street defending his owner from everyone. That's why they bark a lot and often aggressive and unfriendly. Sometimes they can even bite. That's why some people don't like them. But, that problem starts because Chihuahuas are very small, so they are afraid of many things, dogs and people. 

As regards, they must be trained as soon as possible. 


Chihuahuas are very healthy, but they often have problem with eyes. That's why owner must mop tears often. Especially when is windy. 

The must have is clothes and more clothes. Chihuahua can get cold very easy. Even boots are not luxury for those tiny sensitive feet. 

Contributor: Angela