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General Description

Volpino Italiano is a beautiful long coated dog, originated from Italy. It's a spitz-type dog, that looks very similar to another spitz-type breed, called Pomeranian. The only differences are the shape of their heads , body and ear size and fluffiness of the coat. The Volpino Italiano weighs about 3-5 kg at an average height of 28 cm.

The Volpino Italiano is a descendent of Spitz-type dogs, such as Samoyeds, Siberian Huskies, Laikas, Alaskan Malamutes and so on, which records show existed over 5,000 years ago. 

Because of the past extinction reasons, this breed is extremely rare. There are just around 2500 units of such dogs all over the world.

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Living Conditions

Great at living in condos, apartments or houses. Must say that this breed is very loud because of their breeding roots but they can be easily taught to become less vocal if you are persistent with teaching your Volpino. This breed is not suitable for living outside, it's an inside dog.

Suitable for

Active families with little children ( from age 5+), older children or families with multiple pets. Volpino Italianos are really good at boding with cats, rabbits, dogs or other pets.


Very cheerful and loving dog. They love their family and are very loyal to it. This breed tends to pick their favorite human and follow them more than other family members. Loves to be always in a human company and asks for a lot of attention and love. Despite their small size they are very sporty dogs, so therefore long walks is not a bother for them.

Sometimes can have serious issues with barking or protection instincts but can be trained to be less protective and vocal. 


Because of their compact size, the life expectancy of the Volpino Italiano is about 14 to 17 years. This breed is generally healthy, but can later develop some heart or eye (cataract) problems.

Contributor: Ugne