Hello and congratulations on being voted our dog of the week, isn't that exciting? It must be party time up at Rainbow Bridge, will you be celebrating?

.Wow!!!!!! thank you! You really surprised me!!!!!!! First I want to thank you my friends for electing me.... DOTW. It is an honor for me and especially for my Mommy that you my friends you choose me. I feel very happy a week ago I was elected SDOTW (Sweetest dog of the week) on Spanish UD site and now I am DOTW here on English UD site. Of course, we will celebrate my week with a style, with my beloved Theo (L) and all our buddies angel-dogs (L). If you see some White swabs, that`s us jumping for joy because another Rainbow dog was elected as DOTW

You have certainly had an exciting eventful life Donna Margarita, and you had a houseful when you lived at your grandmothers! Was it a happy time for you? What is your best memory from living at your grandmother’s house?

.Yes, it was a beautiful time, mostly because I was used to living with my two sisters Puky & Kitty and my niece Gueparda and suddenly I was very lonely. So when I arrive at grandma`s house , I was accompanied again. Woof ¡!! The best memories, my birthday I celebrated it in a park with other dogs from UD site. It was the first time in my long years of life. Then another memory, in my grandma`s house was also the first time I had a cot to sleep…. All of these because of my Mommy (L).

You said that it was love at first sight for you and your mummy Donna Margarita, how wonderful that you found each other, she obviously loves you very much. Tell us the things you remember most about your mummy.

.Well as my story says: My Mommy (L) gave me her love from the start. What I remember most is that she always drove us on Sundays to the park and we were with friends. Mommy let me run after the pigeons and eat sweet bread. She did this until three days before I went to the Rainbow bridge. Of course I knew but She did not. She continued taking Brandy J.(H) & Thomas A.&) to the park.

You do seem to be a very well behaved girl Donna Margarita, but there must have been some naughty things you did! Tell us the most mischievous thing you have ever done...it can be our secret!

.Well ¡!! No longer a secret ¡!!! I liked to sniff the trash pot from the kitchen, I learned to open with the paw hihihihihi, when Mommy(L) went out I took advantage of opening it, took out everything and watered the entire floor. When She returned, She punish all three. Until one day my Mommy (L)caught me and knew I was the one that opened the trash pot.

So you can remember the day that your mummy bought you your first dress and bows, tell us about the dress, what colour was it? Are you wearing it in any of your photos so that we can see it too?

.1st. She bought me a pink pants with a pink striped T-shirt and pink bows. My 1st. Dress was a caky/pink Jumper. But the dress that I like most is the one my Mommy made me for Brandy Josefina (H)birthday October 2009. She made one for me and Brandy Josefina (H), we look like twins. All, you can see then in the photos of my page.

We do know that you were sad to say goodbye to Puky and Kitty and Gueparda a while back but it must have been lovely to meet Brandy Josefina and Thomas Alejandro. Was Thomas protective of you and Brandy Josefina like a big brother?

.Yes, Thomas Alejandro &) was very protective, very jealous of us, watches over us. He took care of me during my illness and until my last breath. The two were lying next to me in my mommy`s bed while it was the time for my cremation.

You said that Brandy Josefina bit your ear, that was so naughty! Did she ever have a nibble of it again or did she get better behaved as time went on? We do hope she did! Did you get along well most times?

.Yes yes yes ¡!!! What happened was that Brandy Josefina (H) was the queen of the house and Mommy(L) was just for her. We were together on holiday and nothing happened but suddenly I Stayed and She did not like it , but after we get alone very well.

You do have some fantastic photos Donna Margarita, we especially like the one of you in the heart shaped mirror...is it your mummy holding the mirror? Which is your favourite photo?

.My favorite picture is the one Mommy's identified as Donna Margarita :P Close Up. There I am in all my glory so beautiful, with those eyes of sweetness, smiling and as an Angel.

Poor Donna Margarita, it must have been so scary when you realised that you would be going to Rainbow Bridge. Thank goodness your friend Theo is there, do you have lots of friends at Rainbow Bridge? Do you get to play all day?

.Yes, I have many friends in the Rainbow, I will not name anyone in particular, I don`t want to forget someone. Also, together with my beloved Theo (L), we welcome those friends who are coming to the Rainbow. We play almost all day, jump from cloud to cloud. In the Rainbow you have no age whenever you`re young to enjoy.

Donna Margarita it is very easy to see that your mummy loved you SO much. You have so many friends and so many pats; you are clearly a much loved doggie. If you could send a message to your mummy and all your family and friends now, what would you like to say to them?

.From my Little cloud in the Rainbow, I want to say THANK YOU to all my [email protected] and their mommies. We have gone to the Rainbow but we are always presents here in this site and their hearts. Today I want to thank God for the gift of friendship of all of you and thank you all again for caring and keep us present. Thanks to Jenny(L) for such a nice interview questions..... great Job… Thank you.

If there is anything else you would like to say Donna Margarita please do say it here. And once again we congratulate you on being chosen as dog of the week, we think that you definitely deserve it and hope that you love every single minute! X

.Mommy (L), You take care of me until my last moment of my life, I looked at you and closed my eyes….I`ll be forever grateful. I love you Mommy(L) , I love you forever… (L)(L)

Thanks to our resident question master Jenny (jennywxy) for devising the DOTW questions, great job as usual Jenny ;) Thank you!

. Once again, Thanks to Jenny(L) for such a nice interview questions..... great Job… Thank you. Also, I want to thank Peter ( Monkeyhanger) who has been a great help to my Mommy (L).....Thanks again dear friend Peter ....


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