I was female Boxer, my owner was  and I am from Poland, Żyrardów / mazowieckie I’m called by Soniusia, Słoniątko. I joined United Dogs on April 20, 2015.

  Date: 04.04.00 - 27.10.13

My birthday is April 4, 2000.

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Up in the sky, beyond the clouds, there is an angel that looks up, and knows that something wonderful is about to happen. Her wings flutter with eager anticipation. Congratulations sweet Sonia! You are our Dutch Queen this week!

How does this make you feel?

I am very happy that I was chosen to be the Queen of the Netherlands, in a very beautiful country.

This is your fifth time to bark on the royal canine throne.

Will you have a big celebration at the Rainbow Bridge and on earth? What gifts would you like to receive from all your friends?

I'm happy, that Friends from the Netherlands remember me. Candles and flowers will be proof of this.

When on earth, you lived in Poland. Can you tell us about where you lived?

Near the house, I had a big forest, and every day I went on walks.

You were a Boxer dog. Can you tell us what type of personality you had? Were you shy or outgoing? Did you like to bark?

I was a very polite, obedient dog, but the fun at the court was crazy, mostly with the ball.

You made your journey to the stars October 27, 2013 at the age of 13-1/2 years old, but we know you must still miss your earthly family very much. Can you tell us about what they were like?

I miss them so much. We were a good team, they loved me, and I loved them.

What was your life story? How did you come to live with your family? Were you a puppy or adopted later in life?

I got to Jola, when I was only 8 weeks old.


You now run and play in the never ending grass fields of the Rainbow Bridge, but while on earth, what did you like to do in a typical day? Did you have a favorite toy and a favorite game you liked to play?

I could rest in front of my house in the sunshine, on the green grass. There were walks to the forest, or trips by car. I like to play with a ball, like basketball.

In your home, were there any other pets, and if so, how did you all get along?

My best friend was the guinea pig, and after some time, cat Pika was coming. Pika liked to rule.

Now that you live among the stars, you feast on angel biscuits and other Heavenly delights. What did you eat when you were on earth? Did you have a favorite treat?

Like every dog, I loved the meat, but when I got the "super" bone, it was cool too.

Did you have any dislikes when you lived on earth?

I did not like the bath.

We know you are a sweet angel now, but every dog likes to get into a little mischief from time to time. What was one of the naughty things you did?

I don't remember, because I was a very good dog.

You are a very special angel, as all angels are. Can you tell us what made you such a special dog? What is it that your earthly family loved most about you, and misses the most?

I loved caresses, and I gave away kisses. And to everyone, was pleased.

At the Rainbow Bridge life is good, and only happiness prevails. There is never ending singing and dancing, joy and laughter, peace and harmony.

Can you tell us here on earth, how we can achieve such wonderful things?

Keep smiling.

What five words best describe you?

I was polite, polite, polite, polite and polite.

Thank you sweet angel Sonia for letting us get to know you a little better. We hope you enjoy your time this week as our angelic Dutch queen!

Is there anything else you would like to say to all your friends that voted for you?

Let's smile, love all the animals. Remember of those who have gone.

The Greeting from the Rainbow Bridge sends Sonia.

Thank you very much for the title of Queen in the Netherlands.


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