I am 1 year, 2 months, 4 days old male Shih Tzu, my owner is  and I am from United States I’m called by Remi, Remington VonFuzzyButt. I joined United Dogs on October 16, 2018.

My birthday is March 17, 2018.

Visiting time: 11 hours ago

I was Dog of the Week:
May 13, 2019 -
May 19, 2019
October 29, 2018 -
November 4, 2018


CONGRATULATIONS dear Remington on becoming our English king this Halloween week!

Are you happy to be in the royal spotlight for your very first time?

Will your family celebrate and spoil you this week with nice gifts and special attention?

Yes, They always spoil me.  X 


You're a 7 month old Shih Tzu, and just arrived at your home this month.

Can you tell us about yourself and what type of character and personality you have?

I am a lovable little doggie, that thinks he's a cat.  I am good, playful and just all around a happy doggie.X 

As mentioned, you are new to your home.  How did your family find you?

What do you like best about your new family?

Auntie Brandy was my 3rd owner, but they gots another puppy Rottie and she played to rough with me and Auntie Brandy had to crate me to much and asked Grammy and Pappy if the would take me.  They loved me when I would visit um so they said they would take me.  I love my new home, I have 15 cat siblings and I love them all.  Some of them don't care for me yet, but they's coming around. Grammy gots me lots of toys to play with and a nice warm jacket to go outside with on cold days.  X 

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This is Halloween week.  Do you like to celebrate Halloween?

In your photo album, you are wearing many nice outfits.  Will your family have a cute Halloween costume for you?

Yes we celebrate Halloween.  The cats had lots of costumes so they tried lots on me.  I loves to play dress up as long as I don't have to wear a hat.  I don't care for hats.  We do has a secret costume just for me.  We will post that later this week.  BOL!X 

You are the only dog in a family with 15 cats.  How are you getting along with all you new feline siblings?

Do you have a best pal yet?

Yes, I am the only doggie in the house.  It's great.  As I said before I loves the kitties.  Some aren't so sure about me yet.  My best pal is Vegas.  She loves me from day one.  She sleeps on top of my crate most nights, and keeps me company.  X 

Mail Pup Special Delivery

You are such a cute fellow.  Besides being cute, what are some of your other nice qualities?

Are you a pooch that likes to bark?

I don't bark much.  When someone new comes around I do and when I really wants one of the cats to play with me.  I will bark in the morning to let Pappy know I need to go outside. 

Yes, I am a cutie, I am also very loving.X X 

It's obvious that you are very spoiled, and we can see why.

What is your favorite thing you like the best about your new family?

Just being my family means the world to me.

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You seem like just such a happy boy.  Is there anything you don't like?

I don't like to wear Hats.  

You've been in your nice home such a short time.  have you done anything naughty yet?

I pooped on he floor a few times, but that's all.X 

My Raincoat

You have a very nice name.  What made your family decide to call you Remington?

Are you called any other names?

Most of the time they call me Remi.  Sometimes Remington Von Fuzzybut. 

Does your family take you anywhere outside to play?

What is your favorite toy?

I gots a nice backyard to play in and the cats cage.

I go for walks around the house too.  

My favorite toy is a stuffed raccoon, that Auntie Brandy had for me.  Other than that I loves balls, cat toys, especially the Robitic Mice.  They are lots of fun.X 

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If you could speak, what would you like to say to your new family?


What five words best describe you?

Lovable, Smart, Cute, Good, The best little doggie/cat. X 

I'm just a little Pumpkin

Thank you dear boy for a very nice interview.  Anything else you would like to say to all your new friends?

Let's give a raising of the paws to our sweet and charming puppy royalty, the ever so cute...


I just wants to Thanks you all for voting for me and Welcoming me to United Dogs. X 


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Congratulations sweet Remi! X X X

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Congratulations X X X

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Congrats Remington. You are so cute.

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Congratulations King RemingtonX

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Congratulations Remington. Nice interview

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CONGRATULATIONS cute King Remington!

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Congrats King Remington