Raj Ganesha

I am 6 years, 9 months, 22 days old male Mixed Breed, my owner is  and I am from Brazil . I joined United Dogs on September 7, 2018.

My birthday is July 29, 2012.

Visiting time: 19 days ago

I was Dog of the Week:
December 3, 2018 -
December 9, 2018

Congratulations Raj Ganesha! You have been voted a Dog of the Week on the Polish UD site! X Please tell us how will you celebrate? X 

Hello my friends from UnitedDogs! I was very happy to have been elected Dog of the Week on the Polish UD site! It's lovely to be a King after being a street dog ... I was rescued in June of 2017, limped from a hind leg, I felt hungry, cold and thirsty. Until my mother took me out of the street and nowadays I live in a happy home. I will celebrate this holiday week with great joy. Thank you all!

You have a wonderful name X Is there a special story behind it? Do you like it?

Yes, I love my name! My mother likes Hindu names so she calls me Raj that means King. And Ganesha is the god of intellect, wisdom and fortune for the religious tradition of Hinduism and Vedic. According to Hindu mythology, Ganesha is the first son of Shiva and Parvati and considered one of the most important gods of this culture.

In your photo gallery we can find lovely photos of you (and we're waiting for more!) X Tell us whether you like being a model and who takes pics of you most frequently?

I do not like going out in the photos. I think my muzzle is too big! I'm shy too ... Who likes to take pictures of me is my mom, which I love!

Raj, what cuisine do you prefer? X X Tell us please about your favourite food and snacks.

I love all kinds of food. But I'm a behaved dog and I never steal food from humans. My late brother Yash Rajan did this. I find it very ugly. It takes class to be a dog. I suffered a lot when I was a street dog, so I learned to be very polite and respect people.

Tell us a bit about your Familiy and your favourite ways of spending time together X X X 

I have a dad and a mom who give me a lot of affection. Take care of me with the greatest love. And every once in a while I see my godmother and aunt (Beth Ju). When Mom and Dad travel, I stay at my godmother's house with my cousins Paco de Lucía, Kevin Fox, Nefertiti, Pitty and Maria Olivia. Paco is very small I'm afraid to give him a stomp. We always take family walks in the beautiful parks that exist in our city.

(Raj & Paco)

With Paco de Lucía (Beth Ju) (Raj Ganesha, Mixed Breed)

If you could describe yourself using only five words, what words would that be? And how would your Humans describe you? X 

Educated, Quiet, Sweet, Nice, Affectionate

Everyone who sees me likes me, I do not know why. My mother thinks I have a special charm. A certain magnetism. A good aura. Because I never steal food from humans they trust me and appreciate this characteristic of mine.

Raj, tell us, from a dog's point of view, a bit about the place where you live, your favourite walking routes and tell us what's it like to spend Winter in Brazil X X 

Now in Brazil we are in the spring and soon will be the beginning of summer. It's hot the city we live in. I have to be careful not to burn my paws on the hot floor. Every day I'm going to walk with my mother in the neighborhood. I love hanging out with the dogs that hang loose on the street. I bark at them. My mother does not like that. But I want to show that I am the King. After all, my name is Raj which means King ... Woof!

As the final point please tell us if you've already sent the letter to Santa, to the North Pole? If so, can you tell us what are your dream Christmas gifts? X X 

I already got a gift last year. And thank you for that always. I was a street dog, I had no owner, I was starving, I was run over and I got my hind leg bruised. Then an angel came and hugged me. She took me from that place and began to treat me. My leg was healed on its own, did not need surgery. We call this a miracle of love. Miracle of God. That's why I do not ask Santa for anything, because he already gave it to me. Now I have a beautiful family that loves me intensely.


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