CONGRATULATIONS handsome Volt on becoming our English king for the forth time!  Are you happy to be barking in the royal spotlight once again?

How do you plan to spend your royal week?

Oh I am very happy - it's my birthday so it's like a birthday present for me. Though I hope my mom will give me some treats as well. 

You are quite the international pooch, having been king in Lithuania, Holland, Croatia, and France as well.

Do you like being such a popular fellow?

What about you do you think makes you so charming  and well liked?

My wonderful personality; as I am so cuddly, when I don't try to eat people I don't like, or chase anything that moves....hehehe

You will be celebrating your 5th Birthday this week, on December 13, so a double big week for you.

How do you plan to celebrate?

What gifts are you hoping to receive?

I don't know - it's my first birthday when I am in a house, with a real mom. So I hope I will have a long and fun walk followed by a special meal!! Yeah - that sounds real good. 

I know you've answered this in past interviews, but can you tell us about yourself, and what kind of character and personality you have?

What makes you a special pooch?

Do you have a best feature?

I was a dog of the neighbour of mom. Then the neighbour said she couldn't take care of me anymore - even though mom did everything already. But I did love and still love my first "mom". Anyways Marketa took me and now I live with her - I live inside the house!! I am warm and not scared anymore. I have to share the house with Marketa's cat Vali, but we get on ok. Just being me - makes me special... :-)

When I listen and am a good dog, and I am clever too...that's my best feature. :-)

We know you originally belonged to mama Marketa's neighbor and now you are her dog.  How's it been going this past year?

Has anything new happened?

I like my original "mom" again...for a while I was angry with her. I am so much happier, warmer, and I feel safer. 

I still growl at some people, but I am trying to be good. 

The newest thing that happened is I went to the seaside!! That was soooo exciting.

Ok ok I will pose...

You share your home with cat housemate Vali.  How are you two boys getting along these days?

Do you let him know you're the boss?

Oh no! When I tried mom told me off. He is the boss. We get on, though he doesn't like it when I try to lick his nose (or his bum!). 

Can you clear things up for us.  Your profile says you live in London, England, but then it says what makes you special is you are French and live in France.  Care to enlighten us?

Is it getting cold this time of year where you live?

What is your favorite thing to do to keep warm?

I live in France - mom live originally in London with Vali and Vitia. It is getting cold, but some days it's nice enough that you can be out in a t-shirt and other days you have to wrap up really warm. 

Playing and chasing rabbits keeps me warm. :-)

Christmas is also not far away.  Have you been a good boy this year so Santa Paws will fill your stocking with treats and toys?

Oh I have never had Christmas before...I hope so...I like treats!! 

my friends

In your photo albums we see you on outdoor adventures with dog friends.  What do you like to do with them?

You are quite the handsome fellow.  Do you have a girlfriend?

My girlfiriend is the white doggie. Then there is Kavan - who is the dog at front and we do get on and play a lot. We chase each other, we jump at each other and we chase any other dogs that come near us.

Where is your favorite place you like to go with Marketa?

The beach!!! I love the beach. Or anywhere where there are loads of exciting smells that are new...

What do you like most in life?

Is there anything you don't like?

I love going on walks and chasing/playing outside.

I hate rain and the hoover and some people and some dogs...and hunters...hmmm quite a few things.


Can you tell us an entertaining story about yourself?

I have a special toy - it's a rock. I love my rock and when we go out for a walk I play with my Rockie for a while. It can't be just any rock - it has to be my special Rockie!!

What fives words best describe you?

Loyal, hungry, loving (to those I like), Energetic, protective. 

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Thank you dear boy for a very nice interview.  Anything else you would like to bark to us about?

Let's give a standing barking ovation to our very distinguished and honorable royalty this week...

KING VOLT.....woof woof! X X 

Oh! Just make the best of each day - you never know when it will end...have fun, and play a lot!


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Congratulations X X X

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Congrats Volt.

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beautiful Volt. CONGRATULATIONS. Such beautiful black shiny fur. Have a great week. Celebrate

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Congrats Volt.

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