I was male Mixed Breed, my owner was 
and I am from Poland, harey I’m called by Kropuś, Atos. I joined United Dogs on September 14, 2008.

  Date: 24.12.87 - 12.08.98

My birthday is December 24, 1987.

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We honor a very special angel this Christmas week, sweet angel Kropek.

Instead of an interview, we will just ask you to tell us about yourself and what made you special to your family here on earth.

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Kropek was my first and childhood dog. I think there's no single thing that I don't miss about him. He was a very special, patient and loving dog, ideal for a little child who's only learning how to be a responsible owner. He made it so easy especially when he let me dress him like a doll or put in a pram X X 

Kropek in Polish means Dot. He had black dots and spots on white fur but in fact his naame wasn't given to him because of them at all! When Kropek was very little he had a cute little pink nose with lots of small black dots on it. Nobody expected the nose to grow into a black one! X 

Each day began with an inspection of the whole house - checking if everything is in place etc. Then walkies and breakfast. Of course, after such a busy start of a day Kropek needed some rest! After lunch he snoozed for a while and when I returned from school we'd try out all crazy ideas that popped up in our minds. Evenings were very special for Kropek. It was the time he would usually spent with my grandfather. They sat by the fireplace and silently discussed their secret thoughts X X 

He liked pickles, hated cars and had two serious girlfriends. We're almost sure there are still his black and white grand grand grandchildren running down the streets of Krzyz X X 

Thank you, dear Friends for choosing Kropek for a Christmas DOTW X X X It's always a very spacial time in our family X 


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Čestitke preljepi anđelić Kropek !!!

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CONGRATULATIONS KingKropek. Rainbow Bridge must be very special this time of the year. Plus its your birthday today. Yes birthdays are still celebrated in RB because doggies live forever.

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Congrats angel Kropek