All the angels in Heaven are singing for joy, as one of them has been called down to earth for a very special week.

CONGRATULATIONS dear angel Sherman. You've been chosen to be our Dutch king for your second time.

Are you happy to be king in the lovely country of windmills and tulips?

Will there be celebrating with all your Heavenly and earthly friends?

I am very glad. Haven't visited this country in my life time, but my humans were there once - too short, they think. Maybe now they will have the possibility to go there once again to see those famous tulips in bloom. As for celebrating - I think, I'll invite my Rainbow friends who came from Netherlands and we'll have a big party - they will tell me stories about it and I'll serve French cheese and wine.

good old times

You made your journey to the stars January October 20,2009, so ten years now. What do you like most about being an angel?

Can you tell us a little about what it's like at the Rainbow Bridge?

Firstly - I can meet in person many friends I made on UD while living. Secondly - the beauty, calm  and space we enjoy here. And finally - the possibility of being able to  be with my humans although invisible and the hope of meeting them again some day.

You went to the stars just before your seventh Birthday, so your life on this earth was very short.

Can you tell us about your life and what kind of boy your were?

I take it, I was just a dog, but a dog who was loved and cherished all his life. I was happy to obey my humans, friendly towards other humans, particularly children, and other dogs (not always with success).I loved to play and to run, even to travel. And proud, because my humans used to tell me how beautiful and good I was.

It´s soooo good!

How did you come to live in your nice home on earth?

I was just a pup with ears still bandaged on my head when my humans appeared in my doggie fathers home. They were looking after a perfect doberman and decided I would fit their wish. Then was a long ride in the car (I cried a little) and a frightening meeting with the Royal Highness of the house, the cat Rangoon.

You were quite the handsome Dobermann dog.  What made you a special boy, and your family misses the most about you?

When I look down at my family now, I think it was my good manners and easy disposition (not to mention my beauty) and my sense of humor as well that make my humans still miss me - as they say almost every day having trouble with Grant or Saba.

Did you have any dog or cat housemates, and if so, how did you get along with them?

As I already mentioned, I shared the house with the cat , Rangoon (I'd never dare call him a cat, he was unique!). He practically  took my upbringing in his paws and we got along  very well: travelled together, had walks ( both of us on leash) even in towns -I  protected him from dogs, he eased my way where humans were around as his presence belied the bad fame of dobermans as killing monsters.


At the Rainbow Bridge you spend your days running and playing in the golden grass fields, feasting on Heavenly delights, basking in the forever sunshine.

On earth, what did you like to do in a typical day?

Did you have a favorite game you liked to play, a favorite toy?

I led a very regular life: when young I went to 2 different dog schools and had training at home. Later on it was sleeping, eating, playing, sleeping, walk, playing in the garden, eating, watching TV and sleeping.  I was even allowed to sleep in the bedroom, just at Mums feet, when the humans discovered I was afraid of thunder and fireworks.

My favourite toy was frisbee.

What made you the most happy when you were on earth?

Was there anything you didn't like?

I was the happiest when allowed to be the shadow of Mum, followed her closely everywhere .

What I hated most was  water and the bath. With time and help of Mum and my friend, the cocker Tao, I've learned in time to enter and even to sit down in water - in the nature. Still- I hated having wet paws  and bathing me was a difficult task.

What do you miss most about your family on earth?

If you could send a message to them, what would you like to say?

Bah- if it were possible, I'd bark: Here I come back!, and do it.

I suppose I would thank them for the love and care they were giving me to my last breath.

summmer 2009

Our memories of our angels are very special.  Does your family have a favorite memory of you?

Mum often cries when she talk of me and therefore she prefers to remember the most funny adventures I had during my life. Some of them are in my blogs.

Angels are very wise and know all about being happy. Can you tell us humans how we can find such happiness?

That's a difficult question. I suppose, I was happy because I never grew up (by humans standards) and yet accepted the rules of the world around me. Happy puppyhood makes a  happy dog - maybe it is the same with the humans?

What five words best describe you, sweet angel?

handsome? yes, definitely. friendly, graceful , faithful, obedient

And now, we come to the end of our interview. Is there anything else you would like to say to all your mortal friends?

It's now time to celebrate and honor our very special royal angel this week...


Woof, I wish all of them such a happy life as I had.


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Such a nice and wise interview from you, dear Sherman!X

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Congratulations sweet angel King ShermanX

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CONGRATULATIONS sweet angel King! X

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