I was female Collie rough, my owner was 
and I am from Netherlands, Rijnsburg I’m called by Super meisje .. I joined United Dogs on May 4, 2009.

  Date: 05.02.94 - 22.05.04

My birthday is February 5, 1994.

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A very special angel has been called down from the Heavens to be our Dutch queen this week.

Congratulations sweet angel Beauty!

Are you happy to be queen?

How do you hope to celebrate your reign as our Dutch queen?

Yes, I think it is very nice and honorable. Now it is very special for me

It's been some time now since you became an angel, on May 22, 2004.

What do you miss most about your family on earth?

I miss that I am no longer in the group.

My sweet Rainbow girl!  Thank you Blanche

You lived to be almost ten years old.  Can you tell us about yourself?

Were you a happy dog?

I was happy and also a very sweet dog, who liked to play with Vasthi.

What is it like at the Rainbow Bridge?

What do you like best about being an angel?

Beauty is now on the way to the place full of light and love 

You lived in a home with many dogs and cats.  Did you like having so many siblings?

Did you have a best friend you spent the most time with?

Our Vasthi was my friend because he really was not afraid he was a nice and cozy cat.

What made you a special girl, and your family misses the most about you?

Because I was in utrecht a lot and this did not always make our mom happy to have amputated

Beautiful girl!

This is the week of Valentines Day, the day of love.

Were you a loving girl?

I certainly knew this was me. Our dad always liked it for us and for mom to do some fun 

What did you like to do in a typical day?

Did you like to go on outdoor adventures?

good food now and then cuddling with mom. We always did a lovely walk.

What things did you like most in life?

Was there anything you didn't like?

cuddling with our mom and cats, lesser nice sides were not always fun for everyone 

Thanks Eliana!!!

The humans treasure the memories of their angels to always keep them near. What is a fond memory your family has of you?

That everyone was staying nice and quiet in the group. They thought that we were special people why mom and dad do not know either.

If you could have three Valentine wishes granted, what would they be?

that everyone should love each other and be honest after each other.

What five words best describe you?

sweet dear best possessed. This is what my mom always said to me 


Thank you for a very nice interview dear angel.  Anything else you would like to say to all of us?

Let's give a loving Valentine welcome to our sweet angelic Dutch royalty this week.....


Valentine try to make mum fun for everyone too. Beauty wants to thank everyone for angel of the week.


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