I was female Mixed Breed, my owner was  and I am from Jamaica, Kingston I’m called by FluffyGirl, MamaFluffy, Fluffita. I joined United Dogs on July 14, 2015.

  Date: 06.11.13 - 28.02.17

My birthday is November 6, 2013.

I was Dog of the Week:
March 4, 2019 -
March 10, 2019
January 4, 2016 -
January 10, 2016

All the angels in the Heavens are singing for joy, as one of them has been called down to earth for a very special week.

CONGRATULATIONS sweet angel Fluffy. You've been chosen to be our English queen for the second time!

Are you happy to be queen, and will there be celebrating with your Heavenly and earthly friends?

oh yes there will be a celebration with my family and friends. My pups Jaguar and Lion-Girl will be glad to know about this.

You made your journey to the stars just two years ago on February 28, 2017. What do you like most about being an angel?

Can you tell us a little about what it's like at the Rainbow Bridge?

being an Angel I get to look out for my pups. They don't know I'm there. So really I'm their guardian angel.

At The Bridge it is quiet. The only noise is good noise: laughter and playing. There is so much to eat. We never have to think about being left out in rain, snow or too much sun. There is never sickness and so NO vets.

As serious as her mama and mostly reserved

Can you tell us about yourself and what type of  personality and character you had?

always reserved, I rarely smiled. I was a strict mom, keeping my pups in place. However I loved belly rubs and going for walks. I also loved sleeping.

You only lived on this earth a little over three years.  Why did the angels call you to the stars so soon in your life?

christine left home for 2 weeks and thought she left a responsible person to care for us. Obviously some virus or bacteria was on the person's property. So Sunshine, Sugar and myself contracted something and became sick. We died days apart. Christine still blames herself. She wonders why there were no signs before she left. There were large rats that came out at nights only, and when we got there we were greeted by fleas.

What made you a special girl, and your mom, Christine-Marie, misses the most about you?

I ran the place with a great deal of order.  There were only fights with me and Sugar. And again I was a very good mother. Christine spoke a lot about the resemblance my daughter Lion has of me.

At the Rainbow Bridge you spend your days running and playing in the golden grass fields, feasting on Heavenly delights, basking in the forever sunshine.

On earth, what did you like to do in a typical day?

Did you have a favorite game you liked to play, a favorite toy?

my typical day included sleeping, meal times and walking along the beach near dusk. I didn't have any favorite games toys.yes

You were the daughter of Sparkie Snr and Sunshine.  Your mama became an angel just 10 days before you.  

Are you all together now at the Rainbow Bridge?

yes, most of us are together. Just my 2 pups are left on earth.

Did you have any other housemates in your home, and if so, how did you get along with them?

with my pups, everything ran fine. I had fights with my sister Sugar and my mom Sunshine. My brothers Tiger and Sparkie Jr wanted to mate with me but Christine would never allow it. I had a good relationship with my dad Sparkie Sr.

You also became a mama and had your own puppies.  How did you like being a mama?

For the first time it was challenging but I learned her quickly. Any dog mom will tell you it's tiring work feeding and caring for 8 pups. But when they're weaned.....yipee!

What made you the most happy in your earth home?

What do you miss most about your earth family?

I was happy when the entire dog family would go for beach trips, running along the shore and rushing into the waves.

I missed being with the family during play time. We had our own race track. We wouldn run the entire length of the property in circles, trying to catch each others tails.

Angels are always happy and content. Was there anything you didn't like when you were on earth?

I didnt like fights with my mom and sister. I would isolate myself after fights and there would be some tension until Christine came and put and end to everything. You see, we tend to fight when she wasnt around, but somehow she picked up what happened. I guess the tension gave her enough information.

The memories we have our angels are very precious and dear.

Can you share with us a fond memory your mama has of you?

Sorry I can't think of one right now

If you could send a message to your mama here on earth, what would you like to tell her?

I am happy and doing well, most of all I miss her as much as she misses me.

Angels are very wise and know all about being happy. Can you tell us humans how we can find such happiness?

try not to let anything bother you. Take it one moment at a time and enjoy each moment.

What five words best describe you, sweet angel Fluffy?

reserved, quiet, loving, sweet, reserved

And now, we come to the end of our interview. Is there anything else you would like to say to all your mortal friends?

It's now time to celebrate and honor our very special royal angel.....


you can start running free from now. Be free in your hearts


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