We have a very special angel to be our English royalty this week, sweet angel Nico!

Are you happy to be our English king, sweet angel?

Will all the angels celebrate?

Thank you very much for choosing me as English King of the week: I'm really happy for that!

You made your journey to the stars almost two years ago on April 24, 2017.

What do you like best about being an angel?

Can you tell us about the Rainbow Bridge?

Yes, I went to heaven on April 24, 2017. Because I was very sick. Upon arriving, my sister SOFIA welcomed me, and it made me happy to see her. the first day in the rainbow I slept a lot because I was very tired, because before leaving for heaven I suffered pains in my body. then I adapt, auntque I miss my mom a lot. 4 months later I come to ROSI, and now we play together every day ...

What I like about the sky, is that we can play and play here; There is no suffering and we had a great time among all of us here. We know that when God wants, we will meet with our human parents, we love you very much.

You were with us on earth for only nine and a half years. What do you miss most about your family?

I miss my mom a lot, I miss when we played with the ball, our walks. I miss sleeping next to his strange bed when in the mornings I was left alone with my mother and my grandmother; and they let me get on the bed or the chairs.

Can you tell us about yourself and what kind of character and personality you had?

I was a very good dalmatian and obedient (with my mom was very obedient) was very cuddly, I loved the children and they said to me in the street: "what a nice dalmatian!" I was a very playful dog and I liked eating cheese.


You were so a handsome Dalmatian boy.  What made you a special boy, and your family misses the most about you?

yes, they all said that I was a very nice dalmatian, my trainer said that he had good looks.

my mom says that she longs to walk together. and it saddens me to think that I'm no longer with her to fill me with kisses and hugs.

How did you come to live in your nice home?

I came home, when my mother went to look for me to a logar that they gave me and my 12 brothers in adoption. It was Christmas season. She brought me as a gift for who my grandmother was. but we, the pets sometimes chose something else and I preferred more to who my mother was.

en el sillon preferido de mi hermana SOFIA♡

At the Rainbow Bridge you spend your days running and playing with all the other angels. When on earth, what did you like to do in a typical day?

Did you have a favorite toy?

on earth, I liked to play and walk with my mom. I liked eating cheese. my favorite toys were, tennis balls. because I liked to catch them in the air, when my mom made them bounce. I also liked very much the stuffed animals, although they broke me very fast, luckily my mom bought me many, the oltimos were a frog and a duck: now she has them as a souvenir.

Besides your family, what made you the most happy in your earthly life?

Was there anything you didn't like?

I was a dog that used to pass me the tail; The truth is that I liked everything. I got angry very little, except that they made her cry mummy. I got angry when in the street, someone wanted to touch my mom, I did not like that, I had to defend her.

I did not enjoy the noise of the pyrotechnics.


You had two cat sisters, Sofia, who became an angel much earlier, and Rosi, who went to the stars only five months after you.

Are the three of you together now at the Rainbow Bridge?

Yes, I had two feline sisters, that's why I liked cats a lot.

Yes, here we are the three together. SOFIA, who is not very playful, lies in a cloud, taking sun, while watching as ROSI and ME, we spend all day playing.

We on early value the precious memories we have of our angels to keep you always near.  Can you give us a nice memory your family has of you?

my family has many memories of me. that's why my mom has many pictures of me. every so often, she evokes some memory.

One of the memories is that I was crazy, when I realized they were cooking noodles. I used to go when they were ready and gave a few small barks.

If you could send a message to your family, what would you like to tell them?

I would like to tell you, that I am fine here, that nothing hurts me anymore, that I want them to be happy, that they remind me with smiles, because I was a cheerful puppy and that I will be here, waiting, while I play, the day that GOD decides that we return to reinirnos us, never to separate us ...

Angels are very wise. What angelic wisdom do you have for us earth beings on how we should live our lives?

it differs. to all, that in spite of the problems and difficulties, try to obtain happiness by seeing all the beautiful things that life has.

fight so that every day, violence against animals, and even between human beings, is banished ...

What five words best describe you?

that defines me in 5 words ... faithful, affectionate, playful, cheerful and obedient.

Thank you dear angel for a very nice interview. Is there anything else you would like to say to all of us?

Let's give a warm welcome to our spotted angel royalty this week...


You have nothing to thank. I loved doing this interview.

I would like to thank you, again, that I have chosen English King of the week. I hope everyone has a great time. This is a beautiful community, to which my sisters and I like to belong.

I love you so much!


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