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Sleep, Take care & play with Brandy Josefina X and my Brother Thomas AlejandroX

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This is my story. My daddy Armando bought me when I was six (6) months old. I was the only one for a while and then came my two sisters (Puky & Kitty). When my parents separated, my daddy Armando stayed with the three of us & Kitty daughter (Gueparda), for quite some time.

Because of his work, he traveled frequently, so he left us with the Veterinary to look after us. Even thought, he loves so much, he had to take a very hard decision and gave Puky, Kitty & Gueparda to a well-know people that take care of them. I stayed with him.

Later, with the same job, my daddy Armando was transfer to the city (Caracas), so we moved to grandmother house, where my Mommy (Mamitiita)n & my new Sister Brandy Josefina leaves and a month later My Mommy (Mamitiita) rescued Thomas Alejandro from the street.

From the beginning it was love at first sight with my Mommy , she gave a lot of love, was aware of me and whenever I need something she told my daddy.

She was the one who bought me my first dress, the bows, etc. etc. My daddy was very surprised too. She started to spoil me. Well she spoils the three of us....

The first day, I was bit on my ear by Brandy Josefina and if I approached her would bark. She did not want me to touch her toys. Then she understood that I was her sister.

Thomas Alejandro, he is very sociable, loves my Mommy, he loved me and always take care of me.

One day, Mommy took us to the Vet for checking and also because she saw I had some lumps. The Doctor says "She had too many cysts in her breast a small tumor (most sensitive) that would grow over time." The Doctor told my daddy and my Mommy could not do anything , if he operated the outcome could be speeded up and also because of my age it was not recommended.

So, the suggestion was to give me a good, beautiful, quality of life until the time comes. Mommy fulfilled properly, no one noticed that I was so sick (metastasis), she care, was always aware, responded, bought me my stuff, and took me to a parties, to the doctor for my check. She gave everything I need and were the last two happiest years of my long life.

When, it came the time to go to the Rainbow, I did it very quiet in the arms of my Mommy , Thomas Alejandro , Brandy Josefina & Daddy were with me.

I did have the best Mommy that I could never have..... Love you Mommy .....

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