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I am 13 years, 2 months, 14 days old female Unknown Breed, my owner is  and I am from Turkey . I joined United Dogs on July 9, 2009.

My birthday is February 12, 2006.

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A little bit about me

About me

I was born in the center of a big city, that means big appartements, big buildings, so much cars... That is a jungle for street animals and is more difficult to survive. I didn´t know how to live there. I was a young puppy when I was trying to pass across the street. The last thing I saw was a speedy car which drove over me. He didn´t even take the trouble to stop and he left me there. I stay there bleeding and out of conscious until a woman came with her children. She was bringing her children to school. They saw me, they stopped, they took me inside their car. She brought me to vet. I had internal bleeding, my hipbone was broken. I was blessed all over. The vet even didn´t think that I can survive. I stayed there 20 days. But to everybody´s surprise I returned to life. When she came to take me, they couldn´t put me back to streets. I was so fragile and scared. And the vet found out that I have a special illness, an immune system problem which is not infectious. But I have to be on medication all my life. Dogs like me are worth no cent in the country I live. That´s why they put my name kuruş which means "cent" in turkish. and they decide to give me love, affection and value...

Since 7 March Sunday 2010 I am lost. A stupid hunter or a dog hater shoot to me and to my friends while walking happily in the forest with my owner. One of my friends (Benek, a sweet stray dog of 2 years old) is dead. I got lost. They could'nt find my dead body or any trace from me. They think if he killed me too, I should be in a very peacefull corner of paradise where there is no hate and prejudjes... But they are also thinking that maybe I was so scared and run away. They are hoping still that I return one day... Who knows? If I would be able to tell them where I am, (paradise or somewhere in the earth) I would surely do.  I am a sweet dog who loves them so much.


black, brown

Favourite food

Everything, I can eat non stop...

Favourite toy

Running behind the cats of the house, playing with Esmeralda..


I dislike cats and the street dogs that my mother feed. I bark all the time if I see a cat or a dog near our house.


I like to eat, to sit in the room of my father, to sleep, although that I have broken hip, I lstill ike to run in the forest.I may have many health problems but I like to live and I enjoy every moment of it.

What makes me special

I am a soft girl with humans. I am so fragile. I love my owners so much, I got sick even if they go to holliday.

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