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I am 10 years, 5 months, 18 days old female Chihuahua, smooth-haired, my owner is  and I am from United States I’m called by Beanie, Beanie Baby. I joined United Dogs on October 21, 2018.

My birthday is October 3, 2008.

Visiting time: 20 days ago

A little bit about me


  • Active
  • Friendly
  • Playful
  • Independent
  • Calm

About me

I was found wandering in a rural area. Taken to the shelter. No one claimed me and the lady who said she would like to adopt me never showed up or called.

My husis saw my picture, called my humom to let her know I was in a shelter needing help. I had itched off half my fur from allergies and I was under weight and had long knarley nails. Husis had the shelter hold me for Mom and 4 long days later Mom saw me in person. And took me right home.Saw Vet. the next day and Dr. Todd fixed me right up..I am lucky girl..


white and brown

Favourite food

sausage and ham

Favourite toy

none so far..




running through the grass to the dock

What makes me special

I love everyone, and I snuggle with everyone and their heart melts..♥

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