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I am 10 months, 21 days old male Yorkshire Terrier, my owner is  and I am from Brazil I’m called by Cookie Boo Boo, Alexander Cookington, Cookie Potter, Turdly, Sasuage. I joined United Dogs on May 3, 2018.

My birthday is April 3, 2018.

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About me

Arf Arf! I am Yorkshire terrier. My profile picture is me before my eye was removed. I come from the Ozarks Humane Society. They take really good care of dogs and cats! I have a broken leg but it is getting better. I love my family and things that aren't food :D


What's a colour?

Favourite food

Anything. Even if it isn't edible.

Favourite toy

Too many to choose!


Fly swatters, Chairs, Vacuums, Thunder, flies, and soda cans


Toys, other animals, family, socks, and biting!

What makes me special

I'm special in all ways possible >:3

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