I remember the day we met - Emma was only 18 weeks old and as sweet as can be. It was love at first sight, and she joined our family that day. We began our training the following day to be a SD team. For the first 9 years of her life Emma worked hard. She certified as a service dog, and we went everywhere together. Oh, the adventures we had. Upon her retirement, she was promoted to "Chief of Homeland Security" and enjoyed a life of leisure for her retirement. Where have all these years gone?

On January 15th, 2019 Emma made her journey to the Bridge, leaving us all broken-hearted but so much better for the blessing of having her in our lives. Emma lives in our hearts forever, and is our very special guardian angel now. Our final promise: she will wait for me, and one day when it is my time to go to the Bridge she is the very first one I will look for. I love you, best friend. X

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