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About me

I am a beauty and energy pure on 4 legs: heritage from a great family of international champions.
I'm headstrong - doesn't help me much right now for I'm submitted to educative measures I can't say I appreciate them. Here am I: far from my brothers, sisters, mother, uncles and aunts in a new house and a big garden. And there is that cat who doesn't like me. Everybody can understand that the only protest I have is to pee everywhere whenever their backs are turned on me.


fawn, as behooves a lion hunting dog

Favourite food

well, the most important is the quantity - I like to eat everything in large quantities. I steal cat food.

I like pizza - mmniam. And I like all kind of nuts - I picken them up myself.

Favourite toy

I grew out of playing with toys. Occasionally i might destroy something, but I am not interested anymore.


going out when it rains - hate having wet feet - and I hate even more when they are cleaned with a towel


to bite anything I get into my sharp teeth

What makes me special

my ridge has three crowns

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