It's been 2 years already since we have a badger visiting us by night. As it is, we - Grant and I, hear it moving and rise hell in order to get out and chase it. The humans are reluctant, they say, a badger might be dangerous for us for it has a bad character. Well, now, it is worse. This badger is a female! Last week, we asked to be let out early in the morning and we'd found a baby badger. It was quite a havoc, for first we barked and then we caught it and threw it in the air - once Grant and once i. Dad saw it and ran out in his pyjamas in order to stop us. The little one got away.

Last night we raised hell again in the little of the night - but humans grew wise too - before letting us out, they put on lights - big and very strong. That way the badger - it it's it - can ran away and hide before we got out. Ou we went - there was a strong smell and we ran in all directions but didn't found anything.

Later on, Dad checked the camera that surveys the garden - it wasn't the badger. It was a fox!

If it goes further that way, we can expect a lynx , maybe a deer - we'll have a private zOO. But how do those animals come in? There are houses all around us now.

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