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Felix *Rainbow BridgeProfile

Felix *Rainbow Bridge

I was male Chihuahua, smooth-haired, my owner was  and I am from United States . I joined United Dogs on April 29, 2018.

  Date: 27.08.05 - 09.03.17

My birthday is August 27, 2005.

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  • Independent
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About me

The both of my parents where not sure if we where going to get another dog after Amos passed away. We all missed Amos very much my parents got my siblings and I a photo album to share full of photos of him.

They had a framed family photo where Amos was sitting in the middle looking very happy almost smiling. It was in the living room for everyone to see, they also had a framed photo of just Amos of when he was a small puppy.

When one of my siblings and i heard one of our cousins got a puppy it raised the question. Will we get a dog again? If so will it be anytime soon? That’s when my parents told us we would have a dog in our home sooner than we realized.

They brought Felix home as a surprise he was just 8 weeks old and very small as a puppy like Amos was. We all where crazy about Felix we picked the name out as a family. The reason we named him Felix was because he looked like the character.

The cartoon cat of course and he was a chihuahua so we all knew he wasn’t going to grow that big. We felt like it was perfect and for him, which it did he even got along with cats.

The older and older Felix got the happier we all got he was in perfect health. Until he started to have problems with his back legs he had difficulty using them. It got to the point where sometimes it was difficult for him to stand in place.

One morning my dad got up for work to find Felix in a puddle of his pee and own poop. Of course it was a mess and Felix couldn’t get up and had difficulty trying.That’s when my parents toke him to the vet to find out this was going to be a normal thing.

They came to a agreement on having him put to rest. They couldn’t stand to see Felix live the short amount of life left lived like that. We all toke it pretty hard but where extremely glad he got to live out his entire life. We know how happy and loved he was and that’s what matters.

Amos and Felix have a permanent spot in our family’s hears.


Black with creamish white markings

in album