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I am 9 years, 8 months, 2 days old female Mixed Breed, my owner is 
and I am from Poland, harey I’m called by Srajda, Niunia, Petronelka, Serdel, dawniej Łapka. I joined United Dogs on December 23, 2011.

My birthday is July 22, 2009.

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About me

I am Frajda (in English Joy) but not that long ago I was called Paw This name I was given in a shelter where I lived till November 2011.I am aware that most of my pre-shelter history will always remain unknown… I know for sure that I had a horrible accident - I was hit by a car and my left paw was squashed. I was taken to the shelter then I got the diagnosis – amputation…It was really hard at first, everything was strange, unknown people, unknown dogs and cats, new place…and in a place where always my paw was there was nothing but a stump… After a while, don’t know exactly how long it took, I’ve learned how to walk on three legs. But it was much harder with learning to trust… that wasn’t easy at all. Time in the shelter was tough especially at the feeding time when four legged dogs were pushing me away from the bowl. I tried to fight for it but I was too small and too weak for it. After a while somebody noticed this situation and I was given the puppy-sitter job. And probably I would still be taking care of them…if not facebook (!!!) and people who thought I need a chance to get out of there. One day my photo was added to the shelter’s facebook profile where my present mum spotted it. She was looking for a companion for her dog Figiel but there were strict rules what dog it could be: she looked for a female that had problems with being adopted. And hey – I fulfilled both conditions And one November day, that was to be one of these grey days of my life, my situation changed completely! First I was taken for a little walk by a new human – my new mum and then we travelled in her big car for a very long time. In the evening I was in my new home It’s a pity that I didn’t say ‘bye’ to my shelter puppies…they took me by surprise That all about trauma. Now I feel good, though I have to admit, I am still not entirely sure about my position in the pack and sometimes I even wonder if my mum still wants me…I try to behave in the nicest and most loving way but sometimes I still have little ‘accidents’ But I am working on it, promise. I am happy that I have a new brother who welcomed me with his paws wide open Oh, and my name has been changed to Joy, which describes my spirit very well. Belonging to a family means a lot to me and I am so grateful that somebody wanted me…even without a paw


white with black and brown dots

Favourite food

chicken risotto with vegetables, cheese, fish, dog treats and chews

Favourite toy

Kong, rope, my own feet


when it’s loud, staying home alone, too short cuddles and when it’s not me who’s being cuddled but Figiel…


cuddles, chewing bones, cuddles again, sleeping and cuddles, going for a walk

What makes me special

I don’t have a paw, but I cope with it I am very curious and look optimistically in the future despite things that happened in my past

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