Good Wednesday morning to you all. It's a cool clean sunny day here today, but still a little chilly. I have been a busy little puppy today. I went outside to do my business, than Pappy and I took a walk down to the paper box and we gots the newspaper. When I came back inside I greeted a few of the cats, than Grammy. I also helped myself to a few shoes taking them from under the bed to the kitchen. I think they are better there. I love to help rearrange stuffs. Than when Mewomy gots up and she feed us and I went right in my crate. I have to go in the crate so that cats don't eat my food and I don't eats theirs. BOL? Now I am busy helping Meowmy clean her room. Harley is also helping. We can't understand why Meowmy keeps telling us no or we are in the way. So far I helped her find one of her shoes, and a glove. Why does she still thinks I'm in the way?????Well Grammy is getting ready to fix her lunch so I gots to go. Maybe I will get some cheese of ham. Has a great day. I sure am.X X

This afternoon Grammy took me outside and we played with a stick for bouts 20 minutes. We had lots of fun. The temps. were nice and the breeze was just right. Grammy and I went in and Pappy can home from the stores. I told him I needed to go out, he said to Grammy didn't you take Remi out. Grammy said yes she did and that we had just come inside. But I begged Pappy to take me outside. Grammy said take his new kong toy out and play some with him. I loves my blue kong stick. Pappy throwed it and I chased after it....than I didn't wants to give it back to Pappy so I ran around the yard with it. Vegas cried, she wanted Grammy to put her in the open window and let her watch me. After all she loves me. BOL! Well I'm back inside and checking things out. I still can't go in Mewomy's room cause she is vac. under her bed. She said it's amazing how many things I found for her. I just wants to help all my family, cause I loves um. X X

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