Hi everyones. Sure hopes you all are staying safe and warm. It's really cold here, but I loves to go outside in the snow. It's all off the roads now, but the backyard still has lots to play in. I goes out and runs and jumps and take my piddle and than I'm ready to go back inside. I love to jump on Grammy in the lounge chair, after I come inside. She usually has a blanket over her and I likes to jump in it and gets all snuggled in at her feet. She says I'm a stinker. BOL!

Today she gave me brushes again....I'm not much on that. I just wants to go....go.....go.

Tonight Grammy is making slippery (boiled) pot pie for dinner and biscuits. I loves that Pot pie...sure hopes me and the kitties gets some.

Well I'm off to the races again gots to go. Has a great evening with your families. X

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