Hi everyone and Merry Christmas to you all. Boy did I have a great day today. Santa Paws gave me 2 new stuffed bears, and a stocking full of toys. I got several balls, chew toy, reindeer, but Tater like it and took it, and a few other things. The cats got stockings full of stuff too, and Mewomy and Grammy said I couldn't have their toys. Plus Auntie Brandy and Dan came to see us (really me) and they stayed and ate with us. We had a great meal of roasted lamb, baked ham, scalloped taters, fresh green beans and ham, pineapple, stuffing, sweet taters, corn pudding, deviled eggs, and coconut cake for desserts. Everyone was so full. Me and the cats even got some. Almost forgots....the cats got a lazer light toy. Boy is that fun. Me and the cats ran up and down the hall....than I thought they wanted to play so I chased um up and down the hall till I gots in trouble. BOL! Well things are getting back to normal, Auntie Brandy and Dan have gone home and we have had our dinner and played and now its time to wind down some. Hopes you all had a great day like we did.

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