Hi everyones. Today is Caturday and I gots to take a ride with Grammy and Pappy. We went to gets some bread for dinner tonight. Grammy is having Vegetable soup, with Italian bread for dipping and Grilled Bacon, tomato and Cheese Sammies. I loved to go with Grammy and Pappy....it sure beats staying home by myself. We went to the food store, than we went to see Meowmy at her place of work. I gots to meet Hanna and gots to see Mewomy. Boy was it fun and exciting. I got so excited seeing Meowmy I piddled on the floor. Than after that Pappy and Grammy and I went to Burger King and I gots Chicken nuggets. Yummy! They was so good. I sat in the back seat to eat and that way Grammy could eat her sammie too. Than Pappy started the car and we headed on our way home....but I didn't wants to be by myself in the back seat so I cried and Pappy went in the shopping center lot and got me and Grammy held me in the front seat. I just don't likes being by myself at all. Grammy said I just might be a little bit spoiled. I had such a big day. I hopes to go again another day. Hopes you all has a great Caturday. I sure did.X

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