I gots to go to the food store with Grammy & Pappy again today. I love to take my ride. The weather messed me up, I usually go on Fridays, but we went this morning before the big snow. It was snowing a litttle bit. Than after we gots home it started to snow more and more, but it didn't stick to the roads. Well it's dark and it's sticking to the roads now. They say we are in the 6-8inch area. It suppose to snow till around 1-2am. I loves the snow, but Pappy says I have to stop playing around in the snow and tinkle or poop! He says all I want to do is drive into the snow and get covered in snow. I can't help it I loves the snow. Guess tomorrow Grammy will has to puts my boots on me so I can play a little bit in the snow. Hopes you all has a warm and pawsome evening with you families.

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