Hi friends. I just got back from the groomers. Boy do I look sharp. I gots most of my hair cut off and Grammy said I looks like a puppy again. She loves this look. The Groomer said I was a very good boy. She puts a little orange ribbon on my collar. I am one handsome guy. On the 17th of March (St. Patrick's Day) I will be 1 year old. Yep it's my 1st birthday. Grammy said we gonna celebrate. Not sure what's going on so I will has to wait. There has been several family members that celebrate their birthdays in March. So it's a busy month of celebrations. Hopes you all has a great evening with your family. I knows I am. I gots to take a ride, I gots to go to the groomers and I gots a new look. What a day.X X X

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