Hi friends. Today I gots to go to the store with Grammy and Pappy , we went to the food store for Pappy's sodas and than he went to the pet store. I saw him when he came out of the store carrying a bag of Sweet potato Chew Bones. I knew they were for me. Pappy gave me one to eat in my car seat. What a treat. Grammy said that they was a Birthday Prezzie. I thinks I'm gonna like Birthdays. Mine is on St. Patrick's Day (Sunday) I knows I will gets more stuff than. Boy what a great day this has been. I even gots to go outside for awhile as the temps soared to the 70's and near 80 in the afternoon. This is great, but they say tomorrow it will only be in the upper 40's - 50's. Oh well I had a great day and now I am tired so I will go take a rest. Has a great evening with you families.X

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