Boy did I has a great dinner tonight. I gots my very own plate at the table tonight. I had Crockpot Pork and Sauerkraut, A little bit of Baked tater with butter, and for dessert I had something new....Fresh Strawberries. I got a whole bowl of um. Boy were they sweet and good. I loves Strawberries. All in all Dinner was great! Grammy said I was a very good boy too. Just so you all understand....I have a chair that is one of the extra dinning room chairs and it's mine. Grammy tells me to get in my place and I jumps up in my chair at my place at the dinner table. I have very good manners. I am not allowed on the table, but I can get to my plate no one elses. And I am a good boy. I am just happy to be with my family and the cats at the dinner table. X

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