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Forum Rules for Halloween Photo Contest - "HALLOWEEN AND ME" (5)

Rules for Halloween Photo Contest - "HALLOWEEN AND ME" (5)

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Hello everyone, and welcome to our annual Halloween Photo Contest - "HALLOWEEN AND ME"

We hope you all have fun and we look forward to seeing all the lovely pictures to get us all in the Halloween mood


Rules for the UC and UD photo contest "Halloween & Me 2018“

Autumn marks the transition from summer into winter. Halloween is one way to celebrate Autumn with a costume party, carved pumpkins and playing pranks. So in this contest both photos are allowed – original photo or designed photo – you choose! Two different photos per pet per owner is the only rule. And well of course the fact that the photo must be related to Autumn and Halloween, and that your pet must be seen on the photo.



* upload original or designed photo of your pet here:

Dogs, UD - http://uniteddogs.com/en/forum/940/88218/contest-h...

Cats. UC - https://unitedcats.com/en/forum/864/67427/contest-...


* your pet must be seen on the photo

* theme must be related to Autumn and Halloween

* add your pet name beside the photo

* up to two photos per pet per owner, e.g. you can upload two different photos of one pet


Upload time 26 October – 9 November

Voting time 10 November – 17 November


* Please note that during the upload time it is not possible to vote. Voting starts only after the deadline of the upload time is over. Winners will be announced on 18 November.

Prizes (only user voting) will be given out in two categories – original & designed:

1st place – 2018 points + 1 month Champion

2nd place – 1300 points + 2 weeks Champion

3rd place – 750 points + 1 week Champion

UDC special prize for one spectacular photo – 3 months Champion + 2018 points


* All participants who don't win this time will receive 180 points for taking part.


Image result for pumpkin clipartGOOD LUCK EVERYONE AND HAVE FUN!

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Hello everyone.

Our Halloween Photo Contest was suppose to end November 9 and the voting start on November 10, but Management has not closed the contest yet.

As soon as the voting does begin, I will post it here.

I presume you can still keep adding photos if you want, but make no guarantees they will be in the judging.

Thank you for your patience. And ha ha, we still have Halloween decorations!

We just have to go with the flow on this site! X


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Voting time has now begun on our Halloween Photo Contest. Be sure to cast your votes! X

Cats - http://unitedcats.com/en/forum/864/67427/voting-ti...

Dogs - http://uniteddogs.com/en/forum/940/88218/voting-ti...


We also have Winter gifts now in the Gift Shop, and our Halloween decorations on the site are gone!

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Slikovni rezultat za voting time dogsX

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