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Forum New User Profiles (5)

New User Profiles (5)

Quote | 3 months ago

This is to inform you that if you welcome Recently Joined Users, if the profile says they are from Portugal and they give a link advertising something, DO NOT click the link. This could be harmful to your computer. Or any other advertisers, for that matter.

The moderators on the site, when we see these profiles, we deactivate them. The site is trying to solve this issue of these unwanted false profiles.

New Users - http://unitedcats.com/en/find/user/new

Any questions, and I will try to answer.

Quote | 3 months ago

Thank you, dear Blanche. We noticed this and do not go to the link

Quote | 3 months ago

he he we are not going on the link , but sent gift for badge X thank you for info our dear moderator Blanche X

Quote | 3 months ago


I entered the profile of the boy, I saw the link and clicked !! I'll pass the anti virus right now! I gave him a little present.

Quote | 3 months ago

I't okay to give a gift if you want to do that for a badge, but I would advise to never click the links given. One of the moderators will delete these profiles as soon as we see them.

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