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Quote | 4 months ago

Hi friends! Could you please tell me what´s the meaning fo this coins, and top 5, and top 10?

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Hello Beth Ju,

These are the top users on the site each day. The left column is for the English site, and the right are the top 10 for the whole site.

If you are on another language site, ex. the Espanol language site, then the left column will be the top 5 users on that site.

But as long as I've been here, I don't know what the coins mean. Moderators don't show on this page, so I never pay attention to it much.

Quote | 4 months ago

these are people who are very active and have the most significance, and are shown only when they have a badge for, faithfully.

Quote | 4 months ago

What do the coins mean Didi?

Quote | 4 months ago

Thanks my friends! As my cat Kevin Fox I am so much curious ha ha... And I still learning to use UDC. For example: I recently learned to give gifts to many people together, I found the discovery fantastic! X

Quote | 4 months ago

With the group gift Beth Ju, if you want to send to many of your friends, if you make the selection of a gift, it doesn't always show all your friends. A fault in the site.

I usually scroll down to find the gift, and then it will show all your friends.

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