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Forum Advertisement Pop-ups on Site (11)

Advertisement Pop-ups on Site (11)

Quote | 6 months ago

Hello everyone.

You may have noticed advertisements popping up on the site and wondering if it is your computer.

Other people have been experiencing them too, me included. So it's not your computer.

Not sure yet what is going on. Management has been notified.

If I find out anything new, I will let you all know.


I did try to go to my Google settings and selected to block the ads on the site, but they are still appearing.

While this is very annoying, trying to be patient, and enjoy the site and your friends.

Quote | 6 months ago

Hope management will do something to fix the problem.

Quote | 6 months ago

Yes, I think it's an ordered advertisement. The computer is not guilty here.

Quote | 6 months ago

I have sent a mail to Iris in gmail, so hoping she will respond.

Google is is getting very aggressive in their tactics. Even on my gmail, they finish my sentences and give options on how I should reply.

I do know that Iris has had problems with Google in the past for this site, so hoping she can put a block on them.

Quote | 6 months ago

Management did respond and said she has done nothing to the site.

I don't think anything will be done and we are going to just have to get use to these ads. This is a very low budget site with no funds to remedy this

People with computer protection that costs money are not seeing the ads, but many of the people here, like me, can't afford that.

If anything new develops, I will let you know.

Quote | 6 months ago

Blanche, I hope you don't mind me adding this here!

For the time being, I suggest installing ad-blocking add-ons to you browsers!

Those will automatically remove all ads and keep your page clean and orderly, and you safe from potential viruses some ads might have if you misclick and open them.

Adblockers are free and easy to use. You don't even need to do anything to keep them working. X

Quote | 6 months ago

I hope that management will do something to fix the problem.

Quote | 6 months ago
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Miss Cupcake, can Iris install ad blocker on the site?

Many people might not know about the ad blockers.

What is your suggestion for a good ad blocker to install that is free?

I wouldn't mind the advertisements so much if they were at the top or bottom of the screen, but when they pop up right in the middle of what I'm doing, it's very annoying.

Some of the ads will even be something from a COTW celebration weeks ago on the site, or something else not even advertising a product. This makes me think it is some sort of a virus or something.

Something is going on here.

Quote | 6 months ago
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Unfortunately, they can't be used to cover a whole website on such a large scale.

Adblockers are something like...hmm. Additional smaller programs attached and installed only to the browser. I'm using Firefox and therefore I install them from here Firefox Add-ons (official firefox website). The ones I have installed are Ghostery and uBlock Origin. But of course you can try any of the others you see.

For Chrome, I can't seem to find a sub-category for adblockers, so here are direct links to them: uBlock Origin and AdBlock. Both are of course again from Chrome's official site.

Once installed, their icons will appear in the upper right corner and you can easily disable them whenever you want to by clicking on it and choosing that option.

Let me know if someone is using a different search engine and needs help finding the add-ons! But basically all you need to do is google ''adblocker [your browser's name]'' and you'll see them.

Quote | 6 months ago

I downloaded the AdBlock and now I'm seeing the adds. But for some reason it froze this thread and I could not write here. No problems with other areas of the site. So found out I can click pause and the ads come back but then I can write here.

So when I'm done, I will lift the pause.. What a hassle.

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this is to bad for site and make members very neurose and upset X

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